Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Oh maaaan!!.... :)

You guys!! Outside reno is in full swing over here!!
Scraping and power washing and prep for paint:)
I've never had a harder time picking paint in my entire life!
I have no idea what my problem is....
I'm swaying between 1 and 3....I think.
And my once lovely Halloween front porch display
is now out in the front yard....
Amongst its dead Oleander friends.
And let's just have a gander at what's going on in the back yard too!!
Framing, painting and electrical.
It's wonderfully exciting and ridiculously stressful at the same time.
Why so stressful Dorie??? Weeeell, maybe because the hoard that I had been
blissfully ignoring (because it lived in said garage) (out of sight out of mind!)
....is now staring me in the face.
Old windows anyone? How bout lamps? Headboard? Tables? Shelves?
And I have no stinkin idea what the sam heck is in these boxes....:(
I was getting hives while looking at all this stuff and I just had to stop
a minute and smell the roses...
Or in this case, look at this bee in my mums to give me a little happy:)
Because not only is all this happening OUTSIDE.....but as you read this, the guys
from the shop are here un-installing and reinstalling this set of cabinets!!
Sounds fun right??!! We realized we really needed the
fridge closer to the kitchen.
So we're gonna play a little game of switcheroo:)
The green arrows are totally helping this to make sense right??
I know this may sound insane to some...but please remember I'm married to a cabinet guy:)
And while all this is going on.....
He sleeps:)
I'm planning on having another hoarder garage yard  tag sale in the next couple
of weeks. Like maybe November 2nd? That will give me plenty
of time to clean out from under my bed....
** I'll post pics of some stuff up for grabs next week:)  


  1. Why do I live so far away in Texas?? I would totally be at your garage sales! I love paint choice #1 btw...greige is my fav :)

    1. PS- Where did you find that adorable dog bed??

    2. its possessive doesn't have an appostrophe

    3. Apostrophe doesn't have two p's, but the plural of p does have an apostrophe. ;-)

    4. Patricia- the dog bed is from Two Simmons Studio.
      Anonymous- good catch! fixed it:)
      Pam- even better catch;)

  2. how about the long paint swatch along side the door - has alot of green in it and that fits you! sooo want to hit up the hubby for an airline ticket to your tag sale for my b-day - yeh!

  3. Will you ship any of the fabulous goods? The Reno looks exciting, I know I'm crazy like that too!!!

  4. Dorie, you crack me up! Do dogs have the life or what?! Everything looks great, even the works in progress. When things settle a little (like never) I'm curious what your fave appliances are...kitchen and laundry. Also, any tried and true tips for prepping to sell?

    1. I don't know if I have fave appliances per say? But I have bought the same Kitchen Aid refrigerator twice:) I like the French doors on it and the way it can accept cabinet panels. I always buy a dishwasher that can accept panels too. And of course Viking ranges are the bomb:)
      As far as selling tips go?- I think the biggest thing is to clean, clean, clean! I know they say don't have personal pics out and blah blah blah, but I think that if your house is spick and span and decluttered it shows that you love it:) make any sense?

    2. Absolutely! Thanks for the reply.

  5. I like paint choice #3. It is neutral and earthy and looks great with the orange/yellows of fall. I don't think you can go wrong with any of those colors. It will look fantastic when it is done. :)

  6. I am so stressed out for you! Lots going on at one time!! And....I'm loving that headboard! Any chance that'll be in your tag sale? If so, want to part with it sooner?

    1. Hi Jamie!
      Why yes! that headboard will be making it's way to the tag sale:) and yes! I'll part with it sooner:)
      email me:)

  7. I can relate, it took me two weeks to choose a WHITE paint when we repainted our house this spring! Here are my two cents on the exterior paint choices: it looks like the neighbors house is grey I would pick a color that is different enough to set your properties apart especially if your trim will be white also. Let's be honest whatever you choose will be beautiful. Thanks for the letting me play along:)!

  8. That's funny about the fridge! When I first saw your finished kitchen that was my first thought 'Why is the fridge so far away?' but I figured you had a reason for it. Thank goodness you have a cabinet guy, because that would cost a bundle to move. I love your kitchen.

    1. Yes! I think it was you that left me that comment and got me thinkin.....hahaha!! It always bugged the hubby too. We were just trying to use what we had at the time:) it's going to be sooo much better! Thank Youuu!!

  9. I thought the same thing about the fridge seeming somewhat far away when I saw your kitchen renovation. Switching the fridge and cabinets looks like the perfect solution, so glad your hubby is a cabinet guy! Your kitchen is just beautiful and I'm sure you'll enjoy it even more with the change. It's good to see that your pup's not stressing. Regarding paint colors, you're in good company with having difficulty making decisions! It's almost never an easy process for me. I like both 1 & 3. I like # 3 from the porch view but when I look at it from the yard view, it seems a lot darker than # 1. Perhaps you could paint # 1 & 3 on the right side of your house as well; that's a pretty large area that will be painted and the samples may look somewhat different since they're not under porch cover. Good luck, I'm sure whatever you pick will turn out fine.

  10. how about bigger swatches not so close together and/or on another side of the house which would be in a different light? can't wait to see which you choose

  11. so much going on! i love that you have the same dilemma's as the rest of us ;)
    (apostrophe check. i hope i did that right)

  12. It is a good thing I don't live closer. I would be broke at your tag sale.

    I love everything you and your husband do. Another good thing, I am not married to a cabinet guy. He would be worn out from all the projects I would come up with. My husband is making shutters for my house and isn't nearly finished. We look like we are crazy with some of the shutters down and others up. I can't say too much, he teaches school and coaches.

    I love love LOVE your style.

    From Virginia