Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Etsy......and other stuff.. :)

 I wake up everyday to the sound of a nail gun overhead. I'm totally serious.
And I'm totally happy!
We are starting the reno of the upstairs and it's happening at
lightning speed I tell ya!!
I married speedy Gonzales:)
Anyway....while I'm supposed to be researching lighting, tile,
sinks and such...
I find myself looking at pretties on Etsy:)
How adorable is this bunting! I think that's what it's called??
From France!! It was $28 and who doesn't love getting a package
from France? No one! that's who.

And let me introduce you to my friend Marni Zarr:)
We met while working together at FOUND.
She had this dream of designing and selling her own line
of stationery...

And whadda ya know.... she did it!!
You can find it here on Etsy:)
These note pads are perfect for teacher gifts or gasp! I'm gonna say it...
stocking stuffers!!
Christmas is right around the corner:)
Marni is as sweet as this birthday card she created:)
And who wouldn't love to get this little gem in the mail?
Again, no one!!
While supposedly looking at lighting...this cow picture ended up in my shopping cart.
I hate when that happens!! Just kidding, I love when that happens:)
Thank you Pottery Barn!
Something else that made it's way into my shopping cart?
A butter sculpture of a turkey.
I found it at Sprouts and held it on my lap the entire
ride home so it's cuteness wouldn't get smushed:)
And who wouldn't want to slather their Thanksgiving rolls
with that adorableness?
Let's say it together.......
NO ONE!! :)


  1. Hi Dorie , Girl opening your blog is better than any magazine. Of course IF Cottage Living was still in production....I'd still pick you! Don't we miss it though.
    Wallace is becoming camera shy. Rats.
    karen m

  2. Hi!
    Oh!goodness gracious!! that butter turkey is darling! Loving your new old home! Someday, I'm gonna fix me a fixer-upper! :-)))

  3. OMG! Turkey shaped butter- love! As if butter wasn't already fabulous ;)

  4. Turkey butter sculpture?! I must to to Sprouts.

  5. I love your blog. You make me laugh...that butter Turkey is hysterical and would be so fun at Thanksgiving dinner.

  6. Love, love, love the chalkboard and pillows!!!

  7. I am absolutely brimming with envy over your cow! LOVE! And your butter turkey is too cute! I can almost taste the hot buttered rolls!

  8. Love your new bunting hung on your chalkboard and that cow print is adorable! I must say thank you for still having your pumpkins out too. So many people are ALREADY decorating for Christmas! I don't understand why they skip right over Thanksgiving. If I decorated this early, I would be so SICK of it by the time Christmas rolled around. Love that butter mold you found. If I was hosting Thanksgiving this year, I would want one for sure!

  9. Love your new cow picture....and the butter....truly fabulous! Keep the updates coming!

  10. I have been to two Sprouts looking for the turkey butter. Neither store had it and they had never heard of it. Which Spouts did you get it at? It is so adorable. I went to one in Scottsdale and one on Tatum and Cactus.

    1. I found my turkey butter at the Sprouts in Mesa on Gilbert/Brown :)

  11. The turkey butter!!! Oh my goodness that is adorable, gotta get it!

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  13. I just reallllly need that triple ball topiary. Please tell me where it's from?

    1. Well hello Remi!
      I've purchased most of my topiaries at FOUND in downtown Mesa, AZ. That's where those came from:)

    2. Shoot! Just checked there. I'll keep searching, thanks! Also, I loved looking through your decor until 3 AM last night! ;)