Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Outside my window.... :)

Ohhh my goodness. So much going on over here!
This house ain't never seen the likes of a concrete drive.
Till today:)
Yep, this house was built sometime between 1910-20 and has
always had a dirt drive.
Well that might have been great and all back in the day when
peeps rode horses, but nowadays? not so much.
So hooray! for clean shoes and car mats!! :)

Here's a sneak peak into my stuff going upstairs in the Master
in the next few weeks. The hubby isn't lovin the cowhide....
I love it and keep trying to tell him that it will look fab!!
 And I'm pretty sure Little Bully is gonna love it too.
Like maybe too much. Like maybe pee on it too much:( ??

I'm looking forward to ridding (is that even a word?) my house of
fall d├ęcor.....
Rotting pumpkins just ain't my thing!!

I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!!


  1. I love the rug, but totally understand the dog loving it a bit too much as well! We discovered that low pile carpets work with our little papschund, she won't pee on those. I love seeing your house evolve!

  2. Oh I love the cow hide rug!! And the headboard! Do you mind me asking where you got it? Happy Thanksgiving to you ... here in Ontario it's lookin' a lot like Christmas - so glad my pumpkins are loooooooong gone!! And same sentiments as the above poster... I love seeing your house evolve... is it weird to get excited about all your progress?!! lol

    1. Hi Debbie!!
      I found the headboard at Home Goods. I was looking at the hanging rugs and it was secretly hiding behind them, waiting for me to find it :) and the best part? it was $299. Score!!

  3. It's always fun to see how you change up your newest houses! I like your choices for the master so far! Yes, I think Bully is going to be smitten with that cow hide! Hopefully, he won't think it's another animal in the house and "mark his territory" everywhere afterwards. LOL! Seems, whenever I walk my dog, he can't stop sniffing where all the other dogs have been and marking that spot with his scent! Too funny! Glad you're finally getting a real driveway now. I would hate all the dust that you get from a dirt driveway. I bet your cars will thank you now! Have a great Thanksgiving and try to get some rest from all of the reno work you've been doing.

  4. Are you switching out the Claudette headboard from Ballards? I love love love that headboard!

    1. I'm going to use the Claudette headboard in the downstairs bedroom. Or maybe sell it? Not sure yet:) but I love it tooo!!

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  6. I love the cowhide! I have been trying to find a perfect spot for one of those. Jason is also anti cowhide. I have no idea why men don't like them. They don't have our vision obviously!!

  7. Your house projects are moving right along! Yep, fall decor will be moving out here too. Always take things down to a clean slate Thanksgiving night after a nice Thanksgiving Day nap! ;)

  8. Dorie, that is so exciting to have a real driveway!! Our house never had one either. But our house was built in 1976 not nearly as old as yours. We just put ours in this fall. I LOVE it!! One of my favorite parts of the house. I wish I could say we now have clean car mats and shoes. ... Maybe once we get grass things will be better. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!