Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The porch.... :)

Let's go back. Waaay back. Let's go back to when we bought this
beauty...sight unseen! Yep, we only knew what the
outside looked like, but that was enough.
We were in love:)

Not sure why those metal gates were ever put on this porch,
but they were one of the first things to go.

Here we are pulling stucco off and finding buried treasure:)

Body and trim painted and starting the rebuild of the columns:)

And here we are today!!!
That was the house squealing. She's sooo happy:)

Here's a close up with the screen door closed.
With the weather hovering right around fabulous,
the front door stays open pretty much all day:)

(oh, and do you see how we "camouflaged" the other door? We're
leaving that door there until the upstairs is done, so all the trades
are able to access the upstairs without coming inside. Score!
then that bad boy will make it's way into the dumpster (buh bye 1985!) and
 be replaced by a window:) 

I ordered this mailbox. How cute huh??

Not that there was anything wrong with this one, I just thought
that the scale would be better:)

And see the old stamped concrete?

I'm thinking about doing something like this...?

If anyone knows where this picture came from originally, let me know?
I found it on...Pinterest of course!
Your thoughts??
The deets:
Body paint- Benjamin Moore Providence Olive- HC98
Trim paint- Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee OC-45
Front door paint- Benjamin Moore Black Beauty 2128-10
Screen door- Home Depot
House numbers- Me:) I just painted them on an old window
Door mat- Pottery Barn


  1. LOVE it! Yes, on the stamped concrete--adorable. Can't wait to see the new window in place as well :)

  2. Very nice! So calm and peaceful. Great paint colors. I love it.

  3. Wow, wow, and WOW! Love this. Good call on the demo and reno aspects of your update. Jo @ Let's Face the Music

  4. You and your family do AMAZING work!! I love your blog and love seeing the jobs you're doing around your houses. Are you for hire?!! I live in OK!!

    Shanna J
    Moore, OK

  5. WOW!! What a difference ~ love it. Why were there 2 doors in front?

    1. This house was made into apartments back in the 70's. The downstairs was one, and the upstairs was the other. Hence the two front doors:(

  6. Love what you've done!! I pinned that pic a long time ago and I traced it back to Southern Living magazine.

  7. Absolutely lovely!! Thank you for all the updates!! Love seeing the progression!!

  8. LOVE! The house is so happy now! She looks the way she should! Beautiful!

  9. Oh, you did pick the perfect exterior color! It looks fabulous! The columns, the black door, the future painted concrete… I adore it all!

  10. WOW! Everything looks AWESOME!! Love it all.

  11. I love the house color you picked out! You've made an amazing difference with the makeover you've given that house. I love how you've styled your porch too. Very cozy and charming.

  12. The painted porch looks like one Martha Stewart did on one of her episodes... a long, long, long, time ago.

  13. The house looks great and the colors look awesome. Thanks for the explanation of the other door. I was wondering(maybe you told it before but I missed it) Anyway, it is all looking wonderful!

    from Virginia

    P.S. Y'all have some energy!

  14. my friend, your bungalow is so charming!
    love all of the pretty decorative touches!!!


  15. You really did an excellent job over there! I am so impressed and the transformation is really awesome! The porch looks so much better now with the white columns. Love those furnitures and all those decorative touches. You are so brilliant for coming up with such ideas. The house looks happy now.


  16. Dorie, I love, love, love all that you have done with your house. It is turning out so beautiful. I can't wait to see what happens over the next few weeks ��