Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The deal.... :)

I lived the last 46 years of my life in Mesa, Arizona.
 I had my pick of like 4 different Targets and 
the best TJ Maxx Home Goods evah just 
a short drive from home.

And then I moved....
The closest Target is about 25 minutes away, and that's not
so bad. But TJ??? I think the closest one is an hour and
a half away:( :( :( and it's not a Home Goods :( :( :(

Now you have to understand, these stores were my go to places.
Ya know what I mean? Like there's pretty much nothing in the world
that I couldn't find in either of them!

You can start rolling your eyes about now...
because I was really kind of freaking out! 

Well one morning when I was walking Wallace and wondering to myself
how I was going to tackle this first world problem-
I nearly stepped on this piece of paper.

Love Carpinteria 
I seriously was laughing to myself. 

I happened to live in the sweetest town with the most 
adorable little shops full of goodies carefully picked
out by their hardworking owners:)

This Saturday is Small Business Saturday.
It's a day that encourages holiday shoppers to hit the brick and mortar
businesses that are small and local.

No one better understands this concept than the gals at 
Restylesource, a guide to all things local!!
You guys want eye candy? Oh my. Go look.
Restylesource strongly believes that supporting local businesses
keeps our communities vibrant, healthy and strong:)
And I have to agree!!

 I went out and snapped some pics of just a few of my
fave little stores downtown here in Carp:)

This store was one of the first places I went into when I moved here.
And you know what? the next time I went in, the gal there
remembered me!!!
I loved that:)

I'm kinda regretting I didn't take these lil guys
home with me:(

I LOVE this little store!! And Daniel..what a sweetheart!
It's full of soaps, lotions, candles and some
fab robes and jammies!!

I had to take a pic of this adorable lady.
I mean, look at her collar! And just imagine this-
she walked over to this shelf and said "well look 
at these chaps!" in the sweetest accent.
I was dying. and staring. and wanting to beg her to be my friend.

Oh this store...
The owners are this sweet young couple with an eye
for goodies:) and always up for good conversation.
I love that:)

And I want that sweater.

And there's a big chance I'm gonna have this someday soon.
The owner's friend makes them:)

This store has been here in Carp for over 40 years.
In 1985 they were chosen the "Official Mint of the 50th Presidential Inauguration".
You walk in and immediately smell their homemade fudge.

You know what else you'll smell?
Fresh popcorn:)
Imagine me driving a stick shift while enjoying this yumminess 
on the way home:)

I practically begged this woman to hire me... for free:)
This store is just so fun to walk around in and you WILL
want to have a party. I mean come on! I NEED that teepee!!

I've really come to love this shopping local. I love the chatting, 
the familiar faces of the employees, 
the experience you get when
you walk in a store and leave with a new friend:) 

So if you want to sleep in a tent in the parking lot of Best Buy to get that
deal on Friday, then do it!
But come Saturday? Think outside the box!!
Get out and hit up your local mom and pop shops.

Personally, I think it's a waaay better deal:)

Happy Thanksgiving!! 


  1. I can tell from your posts that you already know how incredibly fortunate you are for being able to pick up and move to such a lovely place! My husband and I are right on the verge of moving to a small beach town ourselves - You make me just want to go ahead and do it!! Happy Thanksgiving!!

  2. Your post made me smile. Your zest for life is contagious, Dorie. Shop local, for sure! :)

  3. You put a big smile on my face this morning! I lived close to Carp for 28 years and know those shops! How wonderful that you are loving your big move. I now live in Northern Ca and fortunately our city has neighborhood shopping districts with small local business owners and no malls.Love your posts!

  4. I like how you found all these fabulous stores, locally owned, full of goodies and employing local people. That was so cool how the piece of paper caught your attention, it was definitely a message.

  5. Love reading your blog and following you on IG! Thanks for visiting our shops and one of these days, I hope to meet you !! Happy Thanksgiving, Karen

  6. Loved your post!! I live in Lompoc and drive by Carpinteria often on the way to visit family in Camarillo. I've never stopped to shop there but will have to make a special trip to check out these fabulous shops!
    Thanks for posting!

  7. All the shops are charming! I love the suitcases at Whimsy and that garden gate at Bon Fortune...sigh.

  8. Ditto what Terra said above. I love this story and how supporting your local business makes such a impact on everyone involved! How great that you took the time to think about how important the message on that little piece of paper really is:)

  9. I was looking on Instagram today and something reminded me about you and your move to the beach. I had a lot of backward reading to do. I love shopping in Carp. And, you reminded me that I need to make a stop at Robitaille's. Santa always puts them in the Christmas stockings.

    Have you visited the shops in downtown Ventura yet? You can't ride your bike and you need to bring change to park on Main Street. But, B on Main, Wet Sand Surf Shop, Meadow, Iron & Resin are just a few of the fun shops. I am pretty sure, at least really hoping, that my husband bought me a rope ball door stop from Wet Sand.

    Happy Christmas