Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Birthday Girls..... :)

That's my sweet mama and my baby girl Rio.
Rio was born on my mama's birthday:)
How cute is that!
 I decided to have a
little birthday lunch to celebrate these two crazy girls:)

I bought some hydrangeas and stuck them in jars wrapped in twine that I already had.

I covered my table with a simple white tablecloth, and topped it with this little
piece of green lace that I bought on one of the many trips to SAS with Rio.
I kinda bunched it up and let it lay all crinkly to give it a more relaxed look:)
My plates are two different patterns of Arte Italica. The wine glasses are Match.
All purchased when my sister had  (sniff sniff) this most fab store here in downtown Mesa.
Sister + store= WHOLESALE baby!!
The cute Eau Minerale glasses are from FOUND:)
My mom loves birds, so I just gathered a few that I had around the house
(like mama like daughter huh?)
and put them on the table with some wood ball thingies.

We feasted on roasted chicken, onion tart, green salad and
Too bad I forgot to take a pic of the
fruit tart for dessert! It was so pretty:)

And here's where I yelled- WAIT!! I need a pic of all of us before
we dig in!!
Left to right- The birthday girl Rio, my sis Marlene, my niece Shea, Me,
my mama the birthday girl, my cousin Ruth, my sis Michele,
and my sis in law Allie:)

What a great time we had talking and laughing for.....
3 hours!!
I look at the faces in this pic and realize how completely blessed I am:)


  1. Such a lovely way to celebrate the important women in your life! I adore the tablescape- just lovely :) and the food....yum!!

  2. Beautiful ... room, table, food, ... and especially, people to love!

  3. What a beautiful group of ladies!! So nice to celebrate with all your family!!

  4. You have a beautiful family! I didn't realize you had 2 other sisters too. That meal looked delicious. You eat so healthy compared to us in the south. There wasn't one fried food! LOL. Happy Birthday to your mom and daughter.

  5. What a great day! Is there a recipe for the onion tart?

    1. Hi Stacy! I looked and looked for the recipe online and can't find it:( But my sis made it from a book she
      has called Food for Friends by Fran Warde:)

  6. The table is adorable and the food looks delicious!! I want to be adopted into your family, looks like you guys have great times!!

  7. It looks totally fun, festive and memorable. What a lovely day you planned for everyone. They are blessed to have you. Love all your dishes, decor, birds and lace! You are a cute trick.

    from Virginia

  8. I can't believe how big Shea is getting. The last time I saw her she was still so little. You guys are all so BEAUTIFUL!!
    You are very blessed.

  9. Hi! What a lovely group of women! I would love your recipe for the onion tart! and seriously grapefruit and avocado? - I've got to taste that combo - I've never even considered it.
    I love your house and look forward to Tuesdays to see what you are up too. Your Bully is like my Baylee - catpoo-eater - ewwwwww.....what is up with that??? - Pam Atk

    1. I linked the recipe for the avocado/grapefruit salad. But I can't find the recipe anywhere online for the tart:(
      My sis said it's a recipe by Fran Warde out of a book called Food for Friends:)

    2. thank you - and thank you for your blog - I enjoy it so much. I can't figure out how to be anything but "Anonymous" on here - But...obviously doesn't bother me too much or I would do something about it.
      Give Wallace a kiss/snuggle - he's so darn cute. Pam Atk

  10. Awesome!!! Very sweet of you! We had a birthday lunch today too. My daughter took me, my daughter in law and my mom to Olive Garden. :D Our 3 bdays are 2 weeks apart so we usually get together all at one time and celebrate. Families really are the biggest blessings!

  11. Oh my, you are so blessed! What a beautiful celebration for your daughter and mom, what a sweet gift of love. Your lunch looks just fabulous! Three hours with the ones you love, just perfect, isn't it? Thanks for sharing! I'm happy I found your blog via Kim at Savvy Southern Style~

  12. Replies
    1. I can't believe I can comment-after 5 years-it actually worked!!! I LOVE your blog!

  13. Happy Birthday to your beautiful mama and baby girl...My oldest daughter was born on my grandmother's birthday, and my 2nd youngest son was born on my brother's birthday who passed away. So I know how special it is to have that connection. Actually, I think that runs in my family, because my niece (the daughter of my brother who died), her baby was born on my father's birthday. Weird, right?

    Your table was beautiful, and the food looked delicious!

  14. Such a gathering of beautiful women (and food!)! LOVE reading and being inspired by your blog Dorie!!

  15. What a great day and what a beautiful family!! Sending birthday wishes to your mama and daughter!!