Tuesday, March 18, 2014

As promised.... :)

Ok. So here's what happened.
I took all these pics of the upstairs and loaded them on
my computer. Because I'm a clean freak (emphasis on the freak)
I always delete them from my camera after loading them.
Weeell then I deleted them somehow from my 
computer:( I seriously have no idea how that happened, I mean
I've got mad computer skills.....no I don't. I have no computer skills.

Well thank the good Lord above that Trevor Smith just happened
to have taken these pics for me!! He came to shoot the kitchen for 
Denovo, and I asked if he'd shoot the upstairs.

So here we go.
These are the beautiful old doors that we salvaged from the
downstairs when we did the kitchen reno. They're tall 
and skinny and absolutely adorable:)

When you walk past those doors, the closet is on the
left, and the master bath to the right.

The entire upstairs is painted Benjamin Moore Hush. The trim
and cabinetry is....you guessed it! Swiss Coffee:)
I still need something above the toilet, and curtains
or a roman shade on the window.

The hanging light is from FOUND and I found the sconces
at Pottery Barn and they were a perfect match!
The rug is from Home Goods.

I searched high and low for the perfect mirror and couldn't find one,
so we just went with a very inexpensive plain one and trimmed it out.

The marble in here is my new favorite!! It's called Divinity or Frosted White. It's got more
 tannish goldish streaks in it, where
carrerra marble goes more grey.
I really wanted wall mount faucets. The hubby came up
with this design and Chrissy at Custom Stone Works worked her magic:) 

Speaking of magic.... this is where it all happens.
And by magic I mean BLACKOUT curtains!!
Yep. I found these lovelies at Pottery Barn.
Seriously, you close them and... presto! morning never appears:)
I may or may not have woken up to my hubby eating lunch
on more that one occasion:)

Ok and now is probably the time to address the...gasp! ceiling fan.
I live in ARIZONA. And I'd rather die a thousand deaths then go a summer
without one. Oh wait, I do die a thousand deaths every summer....

Ugh. The TV. Or as my mom referred to it my entire childhood- the beast.
One of these days ima gonna have the hubby recess that thing
into the wall so I can cover it with a picture of....anything.
Anything is better than that black square of ugly.

So that's what I got so far.
I'll take more pics and talk the details
next week!! 


  1. So pretty!! LOVE the bathroom!!

  2. The doors are incredible!! Love the bathroom vanity, the whole room is so cozy!!! You need to open a bed and breakfast so we can come enjoy some of that coziness!!

  3. Amazing!! All the molding, beautiful wood, and of course all your gorgeous decorating details. Makes me swoon!

  4. Amazing! I would love to come stay in your house for just one night...I promise I would leave after that! It's not only super chic, but it is also super inviting! Like, "come in and let's chat" inviting! I look forward to Tuesday's just to see what new thing you have done to your house!

    BTW, MY daughter is still boo-hooing over the fact that she can't afford to buy YOUR daughter's house!

  5. Gorgeous!! Where did you find your bedding and would you share your sources for good bedding? I'm at a loss in this area...thanks!!

  6. love ~ love ~ love ~ just saw the post from last week too. Also love it!!

    Happy Belated Anniversary!!

  7. I wanna live there !! You have fantastic taste.

  8. Oh no! I can only imagine how annoying it was to delete all those awesome photos before uploading them on the internet. I think you have to refrain from deleting copies from your camera until you’ve uploaded them on your post. It will save you time and effort in retaking the photos again, right? Hehe! Anyway, you’ve got a great place! I love your bedroom so much! :)

    Cordia Remsen

  9. I am so glad you posted your BEAUTIFUL rooms upstairs. WOW, just gorgeous, neat, clean and calm. I am totally jealous, but in a good way. =)

    Love your style. Oh, and I have a ceiling fan in every bedroom. It gets muggy and HOT here on the east coast of Virginia. I don't care who hates a ceiling fan, they are a MUST in the summer.

    From Virginia

  10. Your bathroom is my dream bathroom!!

  11. Forgot to say, I live in TX, so ceiling fans are a must for us too.

  12. The ceiling fan & tv make you feel more "real" to me. lol
    Simply perfect!

  13. You guys have done such a great job. It is BEAUTIFUL!! Love the whole thing.

  14. Seriously! I remember when that space was in shambles......You are so incredibly talented!!! After all the oohing and aahing, I guffawed at the part about the ceiling fan. Aren't they hideous? But what choice do we have? We have no choice. Your room and bathroom are positively gorgeous and so are you! xoxo

  15. OMG those floors! Beautiful room! I love that duvet, Pottery Barn?

  16. Lovely as always! The doors are to die for :)

  17. Who cares what snooty old designers have to say about ceiling fans? They are a lifesaver here in hot, dry Utah every summer too! (Can we say west facing upstairs bedroom??) the bathroom mirror is like an answer to my mirror dilemma! You are a genious!

  18. Success again! Gives me goose bumps right down to my toes!
    Lisa Wyman

  19. Absolutely stunning! I love your decorating style. Swiss chocolate is one of my "go to" paints too.

  20. And in Georgia, it doesn't matter how unattractive a ceiling fan is...ya gotta have it!

  21. Beautiful work! Thanks for sharing and including your materials and sources with us. The marble you selected with the warmer tones is going in my house file...Pinned!

  22. I have looked at this post again and again...I love everything! Is the bathroon vanity custom? It is simply wonderful..the cabinets, drawers and open shelves. I would love to have one like that...ahhhhhhhh....perfect!

  23. Everything is just beautiful! Where did you get the rug in the bathroom?

  24. I'm doing my first flip in the So CA desert...I've showed my husband photos of your homes and I've told him he better be prepared to copy many of your ideas. I can only hope our remodel will look as good as all of the beautiful work you and your husband do...

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