Tuesday, March 11, 2014

As promised..... kinda:)

So let us take a trip upstairs:) 

The upstairs of this house had been an apartment since
the 70's. The entrance was at the bottom of the stairs
onto the front porch.
We removed the door and added an old
salvaged window that matched
the others in the house.
When we removed the disgusto carpet on the stairs,
we found these beautiful old green painted steps underneath!!
Yeah, you can just imagine my face!
Like I've said before, I swear I used to live here in another life:)

So at the top of the stairs, we made a little library out of what was
once a teeny tiny bedroom. We removed the wall where the
staircase railing is now to open it up and add some much needed
light into this little space:)

This is where my green recliners ended up. I almost sold them! I couldn't
figure out where to put them at first and I was in one of my- 
just get rid of it! times in my life. So happy the hubby talked some sense into me:)
He's always the voice of reason when I'm having a fit of crazy.

Speaking of crazy.... I clearly have a design book problem. 
I can't help it! I LOVE to look at pretty pictures!!

Then there's my old green book problem....
Oh my goodness, just look at my 17 year old self in that frame! 
Tan, 110 pounds, and a perm....
And hubby's 'stache!! We just celebrated 27 years on March 6th:) 
Oh the memories.....

Ok, back to what we're really talking about here.
This is the other side of the tiny room, and this is where you 
can find my hubby on most nights. 

 This shelf of books are totally him:)

So because I know inquiring minds will want to know...

The curtains and table are from World Market. I don't think 
they carry the table anymore:(
The green recliners are from La Z Boy.
The floor lamp is from Target.
The table lamp is from Home Goods.

The hubby made the wood shelves out of the wall we 
took down when we opened up the staircase:)

Next week- the Master Bedroom and Bath.
I promise:)


  1. What a neat space!! Looks so relaxing. How was the open house at Rio's? I would love to know where she got those kitchen chairs and darling bench/banquette. Looking forward to next week!

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  3. I could use a space like that. Very nice! I like the idea of knocking down a wall and adding a railing instead. Btw, we'll be having our 27th wedding anniversary on the 28th. Didn't know we were married the same month 27 yrs ago!

  4. Such a great spot, lots of sun must fill that room! I can't believe he made the shelves out of the wall that came
    down. WoW! :)

  5. What a great use of space! I would be there all the time. Also love the green painted steps you uncovered!

  6. Love the space Dorie. I probably drive by your place once a week at least. Of course, I don't really know which one is yours, but we live really close to each other!

  7. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the green recliners!!!! I want one!! You mentioned they were old, how old and where did you get them?? If you want to get rid of one, I'm in PA, :)) Rebecca

    1. Hi Becky, they are from Lazy Boy. I checked them out as well!! They were available online

  8. Did you cut one panel in half to get the look of the curtain? They seem thinner in width than 48 inches?

    1. Hi Sue! No. I actually used 2 curtain panels.
      They're just pushed to the sides.

  9. I want a room like that...I LOVE it.......I love books, and a cozy place to read them would be heaven....by the way, I found your blog a few weeks ago and simply love your home and style!

  10. Oh my, what a wonderful space. Everything looks awesome - the built-ins, recliners with pillows, curtain panels, topiaries and family photos make it such a warm and inviting area. I love the bamboo picture frame behind your hubby's reading chair. Well done! Thank you for sharing.