Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Running and waffles.... :)

Soo...Saturday morning I was startled awake by my son yelling
"They're already running!!"
I bolted out of bed.
You see, the Phoenix Marathon runs right down the middle of our street!!

It's the coolest thing EVER!! I  ran out of the house sans make up,
coffee and a bra. Apparently I found it more important to support
complete strangers than my boobs.
Seriously. I couldn't believe myself.
I was just so excited!!

After a cup of coffee, and hiding for a half hour behind this most awesomest sign
that Rio made... I ran home and fixed the problemo:)

I live in the best hood ever. Really I do!! A lot of the neighbors 
came out, rang cow bells and cheered on those crazy runners!!
My friend who has no idea how to play the trumpet... played it anyway!!
Seriously hilarious:)

By the time the runners got to our street, we were about mile 22.
It was the most inspiring sight to see:)

We cheered and rang our cow bells for over 3 hours.
I lost my voice, and had blisters to prove it,
but man! was it a fun time in the neighborhood!!

Check out this guy. Serious focus. Serious muscles.
Bet he don't eat waffles....

 Nice segue eh? 

This Saturday we here at Project Beautify are going to have our
first open house! The sweet gals at Waffle Love are going to
be serving up some scrumptiousness from their
adorable waffle truck!!

So come check out Rio's adorable 1942 early ranch style house!!
Yep, it's on the market and ready for it's happy new owners!!

Waffles and a house tour??

Saturday March 8th
226 North Robson
in historic downtown Mesa:)

** the first 50 people get a treat!!


  1. Who knew you could get injured just watching a race! lol!
    I wish I could tour your daughters home! It looks amazing!

  2. Lol, about running out of the house without any bra - by mile 22 I'm sure most of the runners didn't notice and if they did you probably gave them a boost for the last few miles. ;) Now, you know we haven't forgotten about the upstairs pictures we haven't seen, get cracking miss, we're nosey and have expectations of this. :)

  3. That is so awesome that you supported the runners like that! My niece is in charge of the St. George Marathon and she just cannot get over the community support every year. Those runners will always remember your enthusiasm and support. I SO want to be at you open house but alas, I am not an AZ resident any more...sniff! I love that neighborhood and all of the love you are giving those old homes. I used to go to piano lessons on N. Robson, about the 500 block. I want to drive by that old house next time I'm in town and see if it has held up well. It was just the cutest little thing!

  4. We had the Rock N Roll marathon run through our neighborhood not too long ago, lots of neighbors came out also and cheered and had signs and the kids club handed out free waters. Will need to get a cowbell next time! I want to try that waffle truck so bad! I keep hearing about it, maybe we can make it over.... :) Fun blog!