Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Check it.... !!! :)

This porch is one of our favorite places to hang out and watch 
the world go by:)
But seriously? How hideous is that floor??!?!!

I've been wanting to paint it ever since I laid eyes on it.
So paint it...we did!!
I went with the colors below-
White Cloud and Woven Willow.

We taped off the edges and rolled on 2 coats of the 
White Cloud. It's a really good creamy color, not
too bright white and not too drab either:)

After that dried, the hubby and my adorable son did the hard part.
Ok, hard for me part! I was seriously absent the day the Lord handed
out patience....
....and math skills

Then we just rolled on 2 coats of the Woven Willow in the
squares that did not have the little square tape:)
trust me, if those little helper squares weren't there this 
girl with no patience would have surely screwed up!!

and OH MY!!
Yes, there's chips and cracks all over this oldie of a house that
has stolen my heart....but I LOVE them!!

And how lucky that the color Woven Willow is just a tad
darker than my house color!

I've been spending a whole lot of time on that swing,
just watching the grass grow:)
See it back there?? 

Oh man I can't stop walking out there barefoot:)

I best get out there and enjoy what's left of our good weather.
The heat is just around the corner....


  1. Looks amazing...but then I come to expect no less! You all are quite the collaborative team!!

  2. Muy perfecto! Que maravilla!!

  3. Beautiful porch! What a wonderful place to hang out...especially now before it is scorching out!

  4. Beautiful as always! Such a welcoming touch. I bet your house just "smiles" at the people passing by. :)

  5. Seriously adorable!! Love it! My porch is my favorite place this time of year too. I could sleep out there. Maybe. ;)

  6. Wow, what a difference!!! Just amazing! I am in Scottsdale this week and am wondering if you guys are having any open houses this weekend? Or if there are any of your favorite shopping spots open? Looks like you have the coolest places to find things!

  7. gorgeous—and I love your mailbox.

  8. Where do you get all of your ideas? "Girl with no Patience" has an amazing mind!!

  9. There is nothing better than a porch swing. I could spend hours in yours. Simply heavenly and so inviting.

  10. That's a yummy looking porch. Well done ! I can hardly enjoy the cool mornings knowing what's around the stinking corner.Missed the photo bomber , must've been busy holding down the couch?

    karen m

  11. Love your porch! It has so much charm now. The checkerboard pattern you painted really gives it personality.

  12. Oh how I LOVE this!! You and your family inspire me!! Thanks for sharing your creativity!!
    Love ya ~ Katherine

  13. Wow Dorie! I always save your blog for the last thing I do before I go to bed Tuseday night. It is like desert before bed. I love how that porch turned out and you always make me laugh! Love you and your amazingly talented self tons. XOXOX!

  14. awesome & beautiful....love it !!!!!!!!! did you put a sealer on top????

  15. Dorie, you just inspire me! Your lovely porch should be in a magazine - as your whole house should be. A job well done! All you need is a huge glass of SWEET TEA and you'd think you were in the south.

    Awesome Possum!!!

  16. I've been wanting to do this on a patio at my house! Brilliant idea with the little tape pieces. My math skills are not my strong point either! 😞

  17. It looks amazing. We want to do this on an inside sunroom but I'm wondering if you are finding it slippery at all?