Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Cruel Crewel.... :)

  1.                                    1.  a thin, loosely twisted, worsted yarn used for tapestry and embroidery.
2. my most favorite fabric for bedding ever!

1. The real name for the above named beautiful fabric!! :(

Seriously! I've been in love with crewel fabric forever. I think because it has so much texture with the raised embroidery? It's delicious I tell ya, but holy EXPENSIVE batman!!
Crewel is...CRUEL :(  Every stinkin time I would find a duvet that I loved,
it was always waaay more than I wanted to spend. 

Join me in a round of applause for eBay!! or should I say the place where my
daughter Rio finds everything:)

I typed in crewel bedding and...
imagine my excitement when I found this discontinued duvet from Pottery Barn. 
It was less than half of the price of some of the others I was looking at.
I was nervous with the blue in it at first, but after adding
all my green (surprise!) pillows, I love it:)

The bedspread is Pine Cone Hill, and it just might be my favorite
thing in this room:)  I love not dealing with a bedskirt! I ordered mine
from my fab friends at FOUND:)

The pillows-
The back striped Euros were made by my son (proud mama!) from
a piece of fabric I found at SAS.
The cruel  crewel pillow came with the duvet:)
The grain sack pillow I bought in Roundtop Texas years ago, and
my mom crocheted that beautiful edge and sewed it on for me:)
The velvet green pillow is from FOUND, and after all these years
it's still one of my favorites!

I found the headboard at Home Goods. It was leaning up against a wall
hiding behind the hanging rugs.... just waiting for me to look at those
rugs (that I didn't need and had no intentions of buying) and find it!!
It was $299

I found these fab lamps on that same trip! 
Cue choir of angels.... :)

The blackout curtains are from Pottery Barn.
And ok I lied. These curtains are absolutely my favorite thing!!
Cue choir of snoring angels.... :)

And that gorgeous antique little dresser that I'm using for a nightstand?
It came out of one of our Project Beautify houses.
I know!! It's a beaut! I'm hoping to be able to share pics
with you all next week of that adorable place:)

We're hoping to have our Project Beautify website up and running soon,
but until then you can follow us on Instagram!

We're doing a giveaway right now that ends April 4th !


  1. Love your room!! And I love that moment at Homesense when you find the best score. I swear they hire angels just to hang out there for those very moments!!

  2. I saw your new project driving around the neighborhood the other day and got so excited! I have been eyeing that little beaut for years thinking what a great little place that would be if someone would clean up all that brush... and there is was all cleared out and a fabulous makeover in the works. Keep up the good work!

  3. Your room is so pretty! I am in love with your bedskirt!

  4. I LOVE your bedskirt! I'm curious is your bed queen size?

  5. So pretty! I too love crewel! It adds such wonderful texture to a room.

  6. I just ordered the swatches for those curtains! Glad to hear you love them, now I just have to decide which color.