Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Oh the food... !!

I ain't gonna lie. I love food. 
I love to cook it, look at it, and yeah- eat it!

And I'm blessed to share this love with my family:)

Feast your eyes on our Easter brunch...
We always share the cooking responsibilities
when we get together for holidays:)

My adorable niece and I put together these easy peasy lemon curd
desserts. Just a crushed graham cracker layer on the bottom, then 
layers of lemon curd and whipped creme. We added a little lemon
zest into the whipped creme for extra yumminess. Topped it with a 
thin lemon cookie and a quartered piece of kiwi:)

It just isn't a brunch without scrambled eggs!!

 My favorite roasted asparagus makes the perfect pairing for those lovely
scrambled eggs:)
Just olive oil, sea salt and pepper. Roast at 400 just until they begin to brown a bit.
Top them with some grated parm and lemon zest.

My sweet niece Jess made the most beautiful fruit salad.
It was watermelon, strawberries, blackberries and red grapes with fresh
mint and orange zest:)
Oh man! it was good!!

There was a lot of hugging...

and a whole lot of laughing:)
Is my mama the cutest or what??!!
She brought her famous shortbread. I had a piece this morning with
my coffee. One of the many perks of hosting is you get the leftovers!

Chase made these crescent rolls filled with eggs, sausage, cream cheese 
bell peppers and onions.

My sister brought this beauty....
Yeah, pretty aand tasty! 

Oh, and those little muffin things on the right are
Pancake Souffle Muffins made by my fab sis in law:)
She even busted out the homemade Strawberry-Maple syrup!

The hubby cooked what seemed like 185 lbs. of bacon 
for what seemed like 6 hours:) 
...there wasn't a single piece left!
Because we all know that leftover bacon is criminal!

 Theeeen, we moved on to the all important egg hunt:)

Let me just shout out some love for my cousins adorable girls.
Yes, they are a sweet as they look:)

A big thank you to my sweet friend L.O. for letting us 
egg hunt in your beautiful secret garden:)

It was a wonderful day spent with the ones I love:)


  1. What a beautiful day and a lovely spread of food! Just the way holidays are meant to be :)

  2. OMG! That table is a work of ART! And those dishes and the napkins.... swoon!

  3. LOVE! Everything looks so good... my mouth is watering. Question from a china hoarder, I mean, collector... WHERE did you find those beautiful yellow plates? I love them! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Oh my goodness how I love that you spotted my dishes!! I LOVE those plates. I found them in an Antique store a few years ago. There was actually 12 of them:) I've since tried to find them online, and haven't been able to:(
      waaaaa!!!!! :( :( :(

  4. this is just beyond! all of it.....!!!!

  5. dorie, your table and food look amazing! something right out of a foodie magazine. love your floral dishes, too.
    and yes, your momma is ADORABLE! you can see her loving heart and soul through her eyes and smile. goodness, you have a lovely family! so blessed you are.

    happy Tuesday!


  6. Thanks for sharing your lovely get together :) Every picture so inviting. Would you consider posting the recipe for the filled crescent rolls?

    1. Hi Joyce!
      I asked Chase and he said he found the recipe on Pinterest. But it's pretty straight forward, everything is cooked before you add it to the crescent rolls. Scrambled eggs, cooked sausage and sautéed onions and bell pepper:)

  7. It all looks so yummy and beautiful! Love the lemon curd dessert idea - have a lemon tree, and always looking for ideas to use all those lemons...

  8. How wonderful to celebrate the holiday with your lovely family - looks like it was a day filled with good food, good times and lots of love.