Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The purge.... :)

Seriously. That's where I'm at.
It certainly doesn't help that I'm moving during inferno season:(

I have about 20 days left to get my you know what together.
So the purging begins...

I'm gonna throw my stuff out on the back porch on
Saturday August 2nd from 7am-10am
It's hot here people. So let's get 'er done early!!

I'll post pics next week of some of the goods up for grabs:)

Hope to see you there!
email me for  the address-


  1. Oh how exciting a move and a new journey.

    Looking forward to all the new excitement you will be posting. I also went back to older postings and loved all your creativeness, along with your creative enjoyable writings. Will be following your move :)



    My name sounds just like yours but spelt with just an E on the end

  2. Please don't throw anything away because I'll buy it! Put it in a box and mark it "Pam". I've been using your blog as the inspiration for the house we're currently working on. It's our first investment property in the So CA desert. We just painted the walls "Hush" yesterday. Boy, does my little flipper look good. I want to buy your things to stage my flip...I'll be there with bells on!