Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The bar..... :)

Warning: totally crappy pictures.
This getting back to blogging business is hard people!!

And get out my real camera?? 
Psh. That's crazy talk.

the master bedroom and bath are on the 3rd floor of the house.
When I sold the house in AZ, I kept only what I really
loved, and one of those pieces is this dresser from FOUND:)
I love it for my whole life. 
The lamps made the cut too, I bought them at Home Goods.
And that chair???

It used to be velvet green. Remember??
Well after we got here, it just didn't quite work with the softness of 
this space. So I spent an arm and leg and had it reupholstered:)
The sweet gals at Gold Coast Fabrics did an amazing job huh??

Those curtains in the back are Martha Stewart and I found them
on clearance at Home Depot.
I like how they pulled out the blue in my duvet:)

The bed and nightstands are the Austen line from World Market.
The first week I was here I found these adorable
bird pics at a store called Magpie Collections in downtown Carp,
and aren't they perfect??

Here's the other side of the room.
A fireplace and some much needed storage on the right
behind those doors:)

Oh let me pan out. See that other cabinet to the left of the fireplace??
Yeah that's a mini fridge.
When I first walked in here and saw that, I thought what? huh?
I mean what?? Am I the only one on the planet that thinks
that's the dumbest thing ever??
I mean unless I feel like making a turkey sandwich at 3am then...

Well then I opened the doors above it...

A BAR!!! What in the world??? 
 I mean WHO makes martinis in their bedroom???!!!
I'm so sorry if you do, but please help me understand? What a
total waste of much needed storage space!!

Since the master bath has only one sink, 
this bar became the perfect place
to house my makeup and hair stuff:)

So there you have it. 
Gotta work with what you got right??


  1. Cute!! I gotta say though...if your kitchen is on the first floor then that fridge makes total sense to me. ;) The bar is another thing.

    1. I agree. Maybe stock it with orange juice for the morning?

      Karla in (dry) CA.

  2. hmmmm interesting, maybe a coffee bar would be better!

    1. Now that is a killer idea!!! That would be perfect!

      Karla in (dry) CA.

  3. I would give anything for that bar... as a make-up bar that is! Our current morning bathroom-sharing schedule has me drying my hair in the bedroom and then squeezing back into the bathroom to do my make-up. This is just what I need! The fridge... not so much!

  4. I would love the mini-fridge. Bottled water and juices for me. That would get me going in the morning.

  5. I'm sure it's been asked somewhere on your blog before... But where did you get your duvet? I love the colors! Btw, love your bedroom. With your mad organizing and design skills, it's just terrific. If it were mine, it would be a cramped hot mess, lol!!