Tuesday, October 28, 2014

When in Rome.... :)

Within the first few weeks of living here I realized I didn't really drive my car anymore.
Everywhere I needed to go I could either walk or 
ride my bike there. 
When I actually did drive somewhere outside of my
little town, it was always with the hubby in his truck.

My brand new Ford Explorer just sat there collecting dust.

So in an effort to simplify my life (and save cash for my dream house)....
I decided to ditch the big ole SUV, and go for something smaller,
affordable and just more... me:)

Is she the cutest thing ever???

Say hello to my 1956 VW oval window.

 Somebody has made himself quite comfortable in her already:)

 That steering wheel... I die.
Power steering?? Psh! what's that??
A stereo?? Nope. You just have to sing to yourself or gasp! have a 
conversation with somebody!!

If you've ever driven a VW in your life, then you know what I mean
when I say they have a sound and smell all their own.

And I'm lovin it:)

 My first car was a stick shift that my dad just threw me in and made me drive 
after a 5 minute lesson. I remember being so freaked out and annoyed that
he would buy me a car that he KNEW I didn't know how to drive!!

I was honestly in tears when he got out of the car and made
me drive home by myself. I can still see his face as he leaned in the window and he said-
Dorie just relax!!! you're learning something that you're going to be grateful
you know someday.... and you're going to thank me.

I sold that car some years later and hadn't driven a stick shift since.
Until now.

Thanks dad:)

You know what else I haven't done since I was 16??
Take a drivers test.
It can't be that bad right?

I'm taking it today.
I'm scared:(
Wish me luck!!!


  1. My first car was a powder blue vintage beetle. I loved that car, even though it had no heat, no radio and did not always cooperate. Have fun. Alaina

  2. MIne, too! A Bermudian blue convertible! It took all my strength to put the top down and I had to stand on the latches to get them to lock, but I loved that car! Good luck on your test!

  3. Oh man ! Now that was just mean , Dorie! Karen m

  4. OH MY!!! I LOVE IT!!! I have a powder blue 1971 super beetle and I love her sooo much!!

  5. WOW!! Whoever restored her ~ sure did a fabulous job. She's sooooo cute. Love your bike too!!


  6. Dream car!! Swoon! Love LB in the passenger seat. He's too cute!

  7. You'll do great!! Your Dad will be watching over you and he'll smile because you remembered what he said.

  8. WOW! Livin the dream is an understatement. :) She's gorgeous!

  9. What will you drive when you go back to Mesa for a visit? Cute car! I want one, too!

    1. Hello! My hubby has a brand new very reliable truck thank goodness!! This is just my around town car:)

  10. V dub is so So. Cal.!! U will <3 it!

  11. Wow! That is fantastic! It's great that you have the resilience and the mental flexibility enough to ditch the sentimental stuff and get yourself a car that suits your needs and that you really want. That's what's important. The price shouldn't get in the way of that either, since there are a lot of pay methods and even options, such as well-kempt second-hand varieties. What matters is your comfort. Kudos!

    Diana Hayes @ Baldwin Subaru

  12. That car is perfectly YOU!! How did the drivers test go? Im sure you aced it!