Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Her name is Rio..... :)

...and she dances on the sand.
Just not yet.
When the hubby, my son and I moved in August I had
to leave my baby girl behind:(
But just for a bit!
Rio and Chase are finishing up 2 houses and will
be hopefully coming to Carp by Christmas.

I miss her sooo much. Like you have no idea. 
Well I just got home after spending 5 wonderful days with her:)
 I just thought I share some pics of the adorable little
bungalow that she currently lives in.

Oh those roses? My hubby sent those the morning after I got to AZ.
How cute is he? Keeper:)

This little tiny was built in 1929 and is one of 6 little bungalows in downtown
Mesa. There's 3 on one side of a common front yard, and 3 on the other.
This cutie is a mere 870 sq. ft. but oh boy is it ADORABLE!!

It's a 2 bedroom 1 bath. What makes it nice is that the front room is so big!
And look at those glorious original windows, trim and hardwood floors:)

How adorable is this tiny dining area??

Just to the right of the dining is the teeny tiny yet very functional kitchen:)

Just so white and fresh huh??

In keeping with the tiny theme....
the bathroom. Rio added shelves and bought that storage cabinet at
Home Goods. 

 Since they'll be moving in November or December, they put this 
house on the market. And there it sat for sale for about 2.5 seconds.
Uh huh, SOLD!

BUT GUESS WHAT?? Like I said, Rio and Chase have 2 more coming up
and they are going to be FAB!! 
One is in Phoenix (Arcadia) and the
other is across the street from my old house in downtown Mesa:)
I'll be sure and post info and pics soon!

Mama so proud of her baby girl:)


  1. Love love love!! Not surprised it sold so fast!

  2. Looking at the pics... before I knew it was sold ~ I thought, it won't last on the market but a day or two!!

    Adorable. <3

  3. I seriously cannot tell which is you and which is Rio!! I just love Tuesdays when you blog, and I wish you would come to Georgia and fix my house up...you have the best eye!!!

  4. I'm so glad your family will be together! I wondered and hoped :) Good for you!

  5. you know i would have if i could have... :)

  6. The sectional, what brand is it?

    1. The sectional is from Living Spaces.

  7. So adorable! Source question...where did she purchase the bird prints in the dining area? And if they are no longer available would she be willing to sell them and ship them to someone in Texas who has been searching for the perfect prints? :)

    1. Rio bought the bird prints from a girl who had purchased them from Neiman Marcus home 6 years ago. And she's not willing to part with them just yet:( I know! because I want them too!!! :)

  8. I'm being honest when I say it's hard to tell who's mom and who's daughter! If possible, can you post the source for the bathroom fixture above the sink? This is exactly what I'm looking for!

  9. Hi Amy!
    The light is from Home Depot. It's actually found in their track lighting section. They just hung it and turned the lights down. I want to say it was around $69??

  10. You both have fabulous taste! I am very interested in the Arcadia home. We live in that neighborhood already but want something redone---just like this. Please keep us (me!) posted!!

  11. OK, I think I just found my new bathroom lights! I've been looking for a long time! I agree with the others. I really had to look at your photo for a long time to decide which was you and which was Rio! I think California is being very kind to you! Downtown Mesa will suffer at losing all of you and your vision, but I hope you all keep on doing what you do! There are plenty of lovely bungalows in SoCal that need your love!