Tuesday, November 11, 2014

This week.... :)

We passed!!!
You have no idea how stressed out I was watching that lady at 
the DMV correct my test!! 
I missed three. 
One question that I knew I was going to get wrong because I had no idea what the answer was,   something about-
what is the fine if you abandon an animal in a neighborhood?
Umm, I don't know? Life imprisonment? Death???
It should be.

Speaking of animals abandoned in neighborhoods...

Meet Jack. Rio found him clinging to life laying in the
road in her neighborhood 6 years ago:(

Yesterday while we were face timing, she told me how she's decided to
learn to crochet. Yeah, she just teaches herself this
stuff. She calls YouTube the new college:)

Anyway....she whipped up this sweater DRESS for 
Jack. Yeah, he's a boy and I swear he's
giving me the stink eye because I'm dying laughing at him.

The best part is that pom pom collar can be pulled up
into a hoodie. Poor Jack, except for the fact that he's always cold I'm
pretty sure he wouldn't be caught dead in this in front of his friends....

What else.... oh yeah-
I dropped my phone:( :( :(
I've had an iPhone since they came out
and luckily I've never had this happen.
Sure put a damper on my Scramble with friends game:(
Yes I still play that game. But only with my brother in law.
And only because both of us are too stubborn to quit!!

Last Wednesday my sweet baby Wallace had a tumor removed
from his back leg. I sprung for the "upgraded" cone that he is supposed to
wear for the next 10 days until his stitches come out, and I thought
he'd be so happy about that??

He's not happy.
He's annoyed.
He won't even look at me.

Of course I think he looks like the most adorable 
little Frenchie that I ever did see!!

His surgery was successful!! so Little Bully will be
free of that stinkin cone before too long:)

Life is good:)


  1. Oh, you two and your dogs, so darling. Wallace is definitely not looking at you, too cute. And I agree, death to all the abandon dogs. Congrats on passing the driving tests.

  2. Congratulations!
    I agree on the abandoning dogs punishment ;). But only in Cal would that be on a drivers test?
    Those 2 doggies are spoiled. They should be thanking you and your sweet daughter with every breath. ;)

  3. Dorie, that made my day. That crochet dress is the sweetest thing I've ever seen. And Wallace doesn't give a toot that you upgraded his cone...if he could talk you'd be bleeping him like a clip off of the Osbournes.

  4. Congratulations on passing your test....it breaksmy heart to see people abandon animals so like you I think the penalty should be death!!!! Jack looks soooooo cute in his little sweater! I wish I could knit, my little dogs are always so cold.....they would have a huge wadrobe! LOL I'm so glad Wallace is doing good and will be outta that cone soon. He looks so adorable with his designer cone :o)

  5. Huh? That question was on your driver's test???

    Jack is so cute ~ so is his new sweater. Awww Bully!!! :)

  6. OMG thank you for the biggest laugh I have had all day. First the dog in a dress with the tongue then your Wallace, hahahaha I am still laughing. I hope he feels better soon.

  7. The look on Jack's face, as well as Bully- priceless! Yay for passing the driver's test :), and boo for the busted phone :(

  8. About 40 years ago my mother was pulled for speeding (again!) and they discovered her license had expired so she had to take the driver's test. She was stuck on the part where they have you identify the road signs by the shape. She stared at the octagon and the kind young officer said, "Come on, Miss Little Bit. You know what that is. You see it every time you look both ways." She looked at him and said, "Honey, why do I need to know what shape it is? I can READ!" He gave her a new license. There were perks living in a small town where all the highway patrol officer's moms were your BFFs.

  9. Your dogs look perturbed in their outfit and protective gear, but it is for the best for them.