Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Her pain my gain..... :)

Renting is a bit challenging for me. I can't just go
taking a hammer or paint brush to things ya know?
So man! were we lucky to land this place! The paint colors are
new and fresh, it's got granite tops in the kitchen and the 
grounds around here are pristine:)

But there's just one thing....
Me no likey this light.
I thought there was no end in sight because I was not
about to spend any money replacing it.

 Then Rio moved to town:)
and with her came her hoard of "things I was going to use in
my house somewhere" stuff.

Dang... she IS my daughter!!!

When she unloaded this chandelier (that was still boxed)
she went on to tell me how she was sooo bummed because
she wasn't going to be able to use it in their current house.

I stood there listening, faking a sad face and said-
"oh man honey I'm sooo not sorry about that!!"

two seconds later-
"now go put it in my car."

LOOKY!! Is that the sweetest little bird chandelier you 
ever did see??

 It makes me happy all day everyday:)
Rio found this adorable light here, in case you want one for yourself:)

Yes one of the bulbs is out, but I needed me some blog pics!
Priorities people!!

Do you see the distant cousin to the old chandelier 
back there? Ugh. I gotta say, it is a step up from the boob lights though.
We're going to be putting a ceiling fan up there before long:)

So the moral of the story is..
Mama's don't let your babies hoard stuff that isn't... AWESOME!! 
hee hee hee!!

For my AZ peeps-
The Mesa Historical home tour is this Saturday January 24th!
Don't miss this chance to tour some fab homes! 
3 of which are 
1 of which you can have for your very own!!
Yesss! That amazing house that I blogged about here
More info here:)


  1. Love your style! Every home you live in looks amazing. Glad you taught your daughter well!

    from Virginia

  2. I just love your home, all of them ;) Your decorating is perfection and that lamp fits right in!!!

  3. Dorie, after spending many disappointing hours on Zillow looking at houses in our prospective area (my husband is being transferred), I decided to cheer myself up and look at Pasadena. Charming houses, right? So many of those beautiful houses have been stripped of all character in the name of renovation! You guys always do it right; you bring those babies back from the dead and give them the charm, character and heart they once had. You remind us that "home" is so much more than shelter. Thanks!

    1. Aww Stacy you are the sweetest! Thank you so much for your kind words, it really made my day!

  4. It is soooooo fabulous.....the little birdies are so cute!!! You taught your daughter well :o)

  5. Dorie~ Where did you get your sofa? I am looking for one just like it. Thanks!

    1. Hi Sarah! My sofa is the Backabro from Ikea. It's a sofa bed so it's perfect for guests!

  6. The chandie is to die for! Added bonus, those birds won't poop on your table! Love EVERYTHING you (and your daughter) put your name on!

  7. The chandelier is enchanting. I love it. Your daughter has great taste; not surprising seeing her mama's home. :)

  8. What a great daughter you have! LOVE the story! And LOVE that chandy, too.