Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Project Beautify Grove..... :)

 I'm just gonna be honest here, when the hubby sent me pics
of this house I was a little scared.
I'd never done a mid century modern before, but the minute
I walked in the front door I couldn't WAIT to get going!

Let me introduce you to the Addison House.
This house was built in 1958 and was featured in Architectural Digest in 1961.
This house had never been on the market before, and the sellers were really
selective in who they wanted to sell it to.
After googling us, we were their pick!!
What an honor.
And honestly? Pressure!
They knew the house needed work, but really wanted someone who would
update it but respect it's original architecture.

Here's the exterior before:

Here's the after:)
We painted the brown parts of the house Dovetail by Sherwin Williams,
and kept all that was white- white:)

pic cred
 Here's the entry door that opens into the courtyard and front door.
It had white plastic panels that just kind of looked cold and unfriendly.

 We replaced that plastic with glass, and now you can see inside that beautiful
pic cred
This is the before of the courtyard with a view of the front doors.

Here's the after:)
The wood wall was covered in the same white plastic panels.
The wood just added some much needed warmth!
We used that same wood throughout the property  on other
walls so it all tied in.

pic cred
 This is the entry just inside the front door.
See that sliver of a grey pocket door back there?
It was original to the house and it's over 6 feet wide and awesome!

pic cred

And just check out that original brass hardware:)

Then we turn the corner into the kitchen/great room.
The kitchen was more of a galley style, and very very dark.
Oh! and the entire house had popcorn ceilings... :(

We painted almost every wall and ceiling in this house 
Marshmallow by Sherwin Williams.
It's a nice soft white:)

And can I just say that 
Denovo Fine Cabinetry in Tempe, AZ really hit it out of the
park with these gorgeous cabinets!!

The mini sputnik lights are from Dot & Bo:)

The gold brackets are from PB teen. They come with
white shelves, but I had my son Ryne make walnut
ones to add some warmth:)

And oh my goodness I love this tile! It has the best smooth
texture to it! I found it at Tile Co. in Ventura. Sorry I don't
know the name! :(
It's a really pretty grey/tan color and helps tone down all
the white:)

See that seam in the ceiling? That was a track for a folding screen.
And just to the right of the fridge, was an opening to the front

 We closed in that doorway and moved the fridge to that wall.
We kept all the skylights in the house and just replaced the
glass with a really cool vertical striped glass.

I went with this simple gold hardware throughout the kitchen.
I found them at Capitol Hardware in Santa Barbara.

The surround countertops are Quartzite Taj Majal.

 The island is white Caesarstone.

The faucet is Delta. It's the Trinsic Collection in champagne bronze.

And then there's the fireplace.
This stinkin thing was the nemesis of this entire project!!
We went round and round as to what to do about it!!
After installing the floors, the brick looked pink.
So we painted it white.
But it had huge mortar gaps and it looked terrible.
So we painted it light grey.
Then tried to fill in the gaps and paint it dark grey.
By this time my hubby was about to divorce me, and
my son run away.

 So we covered that whole mess up.
We sanded off the brown stain on the hearth and got it down to
it's original beautiful color.
My son made the walnut mantel and corbels.
And we were all happy again:)

I used the same Dovetail grey that is on the exterior, because
from so many windows you can see that color, and I just felt like
it made it all run together and not so busy?
Did I just make any sense at all? 
It's freaking late and my eyes and brain are sooo tired!!
I really must try to blog earlier than Monday night at 11pm :(

Oh I love this bubble tile, it kinda looks like ocean bubbles:)
And some of those circles are pearly like shells.

This is the hall bath. That sink was original
to the house and I couldn't bear to get rid of it.
I wish I had a better picture of the linen floor tile, and
that amazing grey marble top :(

 This is the master bedroom.
It has amazing windows and views of the Channel Islands on a clear day:)
The hubby did that wall treatment to add a little pizzazzle to this room.
The pendant lights are from West Elm.

Most walls and all ceilings and trim in this house are painted Marshmallow by Sherwin Williams.
A few are Worldly Grey by Sherwin Williams.

Here's the lovely before of the closet/master bath.
We saved that cool drawer cabinet and added hardware and put it
in the new master closet.

The trough sink is Duravit. 
The sconces are West Elm.

This house was such fun. We all were a little
sad when it was done! 
This beauty sold before she hit the
market, but is taking back up offers.

You can check out more pics and details here.


  1. WOW!!! You guys did a fabulous job!!

  2. I am normally not a fan of mid century modern, although I guess that is what "I" am. lol ;) But I do love what you have done to this home. It's all fabulous!!! I think my favorite part is changing the plastic panels in the front to glass. I think you can never have to much glass and view. :)

  3. While not my style....it is beautiful. Love that you paid homage to the homes original details.

  4. I love love what you did to this house!, it's brilliant!! Can you please tell me the source of those bubble tiles around the fireplace? This is exactly how I would love for my fireplace to look, it's wonderful!!

  5. This house is GORGEOUS. My dream home. You guys do such amazing work, keep it up!

  6. I love reading your stuff ever week!
    Note about your watermelon salad: one time I was making one, and I cubed it all up and put it in a colander over a bowl. Went to take a nap, and when I got back I had a couple of cups of watermelon juice! What to do?? Oh, what to do?? Chopped up a jalapeno, added vodka and a little triple sec (or peach schapps, can't remember)--and lots of ice. Voila! Spicy Watermelon yummy cocktail!!
    p.s. Can't wait for you to see Adam & Suzy's house--you were a total inspiration! God bless. cheyrl b.