Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Kale House.... :)

About once a month the hubby and I journey to Arroyo Grande.
It's about an hour and 45 minute beautiful drive north:)

Well every single time we pass this beautiful house...
I die.
I  would silently wish that the hubby will turn to me and say-
"let's go check it out"
Because honestly, that's my favorite thing ever!!

This last time my wishes came true!!

The hubby took the nearest exit and we went driving around trying
to find our way to her.
And whaddya know? We found her:)

This sweet old gal sits on a hill on Bradley Road and Betteravia just 
above the 101 freeway in Santa Maria.

She sits proudly in the middle of (what I think is) a kale field.
Isn't she just perfect??

As we walked around her we noticed that although she's boarded up,
she was boarded up with respect. 

And that makes me happy, because I feel like somebody might
still love her too:)

She looks like she's never been added on to?
Doesn't she just look like a strong farmers wife and can't you
just picture her saying
nuh uh uh!! with her finger in the face at the
mention of an "addition" ??!!
I can:)
She said leave me alone! I'm perfect just as I am:)

And is that an outhouse??

All I know is she's dreamy.

And my dream would be to shine her up for my sis in law,
so her and her sweet hubby could move right in and he
could work at nearby Vandenberg Air Force Base....

 And just because I know you all like you some sneaky peeks..
here's a few of our near completed Ventura hillside project!

I would have shown you more pics but the cleaning crew
is there today and getting her all polished up for her
first showing on Wednesday!!

I'll show you some fab before and afters next week!!


  1. I get so saddened when I see a once beautiful older home just sitting there wasting away! Could be gorgeous again, right?

  2. I agree Lisa ~ I hate that too ~ ~ when I see old homes sitting empty.... rotting away. :(

    Ooooh ~ can't wait till next Tuesday. :)

  3. I remember being enthralled with that house whenever we'd pass by it, too. It's been boarded up for as long as I remember, at least 35 years, I believe, and maybe even much longer. The west is dotted with old farmhouses that were abandoned when large corporations bought up small farms and combined them into larger holdings under one management. Perhaps it's the case with this one. It always makes me sad to see them, and I wonder if they'd be better off moved to a new location rather than left to slowly crumble away unoccupied. Cute photo of you two with it, and now you having been there has become a tiny slice of its history. Glad you shared this!

  4. She is a grand old gal standing all alone in that field.

  5. Lol. I know the exact house you are talking about and I made jason get off the freeway too. I wish it was in a better location, but other than that its gorgeous. Funny how we think alike!

  6. Hey Dorie~ What a wonderful old home......if walls could only talk! :)
    The building you referred to is an old water tower; most old farmsteads
    have them. Hope this old home is in your future somehow. :)

  7. I've admired this old home for many years! Every time I drive that road to go shopping in Santa Maria. I've always wished someone would restore it to it's former glory. I believe a friend told me it was moved to that site from somewhere else in town. Thanks for sharing the photos!

  8. Santa Maria is where we raised our kids and have seen that house many times. Pretty sure it's sitting in a broccoli field! Love your pics of the central coast. Makes me kinda homesick. Mimi

  9. I live in Santa Ynez and I have the exact same sentiments every time I pass that house!!! I love it. Story goes it was one of two houses sitting on that land and the Firestone family bought the other one years ago and moved and restored it. Don't know if that's true, but I wish someone would fix up that one too!

  10. There was an old house that used to sit on top of a hill off the fwy with big palm trees in front, is this it? I know it was moved down off the hill. Spent time around here myself and travel through this area, used to always visit a senior mobile home park in Oceano, has a huge Victorian in the Center of it.