Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Project Beautify....Via Baja:)

I don't know if I've ever loaded so many pics for a blog post before!
There's just so much to see!!

Say hello to our latest completed Project Beautify home:)
This beauty is located at 157 Via Baja in Ventura, CA
 and was built in 1957.

 I'm just going to say like I said before,
we could feel the love in this house the moment we stepped inside:)

I want to sincerely thank the Pickarts family for allowing us the opportunity
to beautify the home they loved as a family for over 40 years.

We painted the outside body and trim Swiss Coffee by Sherwin Williams.
The doors on the outside and inside were painted Caviar by Sherwin Williams.

 The front door before-

We installed a clear glass door and windows, because you can see straight
through the front door all the way to the back yard and the view

The great room before-

I reeally wanted to try to keep those original black tile floors, but after
opening up the wall to the kitchen and other fixes it was impossible:(

The walls in the entire house are painted Simple White SW7021 by Sherwin Williams.
The ceilings and trim are painted Pure White SW7005 by Sherwin Williams.
My sweet hubby Roger (who is a creative genius) designed, built and installed those
gorgeous sliding glass doors.

I LOVED that fireplace wall from the minute I laid eyes on it:)

We took out the circular ceiling and added a little wall on each side, as
well as raised the ceiling by the front door to create a foyer.

This is the before kitchen-

We squared off the space behind the sink to make a larger kitchen, and
removed the wall separating the dining area.

You're looking at pretty much my dream kitchen right here:)
Soapstone counters and then there's that Miele range.... :) :)
I used this hand formed subway tile on the backsplash. I like the way it added
a pattern without a pattern:) make sense?

This is the hall bathroom before-

We kept the original layout, just removed a wall to the left of the vanity
that separated the toilet and really made the room feel closed in.

We used the schoolhouse lighting that was meant for the Trinity 
property but didn't come in in time. 

I searched high and low for plain black metal mirrors, and I just
couldn't find any in the sizes I needed sooo....
I asked our guy that does our glass shower surrounds to make them:)

This tile....!!!!!
Honestly the most beautiful stuff ever. When Rio and I went to pick out tile for this house
at Tile Co. in Ventura, I just couldn't find anything I liked. That is until I went 
into "that" room. You know, the one that has all the crazy expensive stuff that
you should never see because you'll sell your firstborn for it?? 

Luckily my sweet hubby agreed that it was a must have..
 and we got to keep our firstborn:)

This loveliness is Elyse Edwards tile- the London Collection and the pattern 
is hilariously called- Don't get your knickers in a twist.

I love love love the original built ins in this lovely hallway leading
to the bedrooms:)

This is the only space I staged. I went to the thrift store and bought all the
black spined books they had and just tore off the paper covers:)
I was dying with that book called I wish I had a porch!! So 
fitting for my life:)

A huge thank you to Pam and crew from Ventura Home Staging 
who staged the entire house.
Thank you for putting up with my calls and texts and hovering over
making sure everything is perfect:)
I would drive me crazy too.

The master before-

This is where we added square footage. Where the original bedroom was is now
some of the new Master bedroom and most of one of the Master closets.

The back of the house before-

And the after:)

We're all kinda sad that this one is finished:( 
This is one special house that will always have a piece of our hearts.

This home hit the market on Friday and we
can't WAIT to see who gets to call her their forever home:)

More info and a bunch more pics HERE:)


  1. Excuse me while I pin the cr*p out of this place! Gorgeous work, as always. Love the black doors with the white walls.. I'm inspired for my home!

  2. WOW!!!! Just WOW!!! Absolutely stunning..... those views too!!

  3. All I can say is WOAH!!! Stopped me in my tracks. You guys are just amazing! I'm waiting for your HGTV show so I can start watching the channel again!

  4. WOW, is all I can say. Just the paint on the outside makes it look like a totally different house.

  5. The view. I so hope the new lucky owners decide to refrain from window treatments. This is my favorite house by far!!!!

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  7. Looks great!!!

    I was wondering if it was staged. Some of the furniture didnt look like "you".

  8. You blow me away...every single time!!!

  9. She is gorgeous!! You guys are amazing!💚💚💚

  10. Unbelievable! Love it! Dorie, I was wondering if you could recommend a contractor in the Gilbert/Chandler area. Our daughter has a built-in, entertainment unit in her family room that she wants to change/update. It's not a huge job, but it would make such a difference in that room. Thanks!

  11. Wowsa! Dorie, you and your family are amazing. The house is gorgeous. And the way you took advantage of the view is awesome.

  12. BEAUTIFUL, no other words needed!

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