Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Spanish Pueblo.... :)

You know what's not super fun?
A plumbing leak that's what. Especially one that's been leaking and
creating mold under the house:(

This was our sad state of affairs for what seemed like forever
last week, but really was just four days.
My whole kitchen was in the tiny front room and it was...
not awesome.

In an effort to stay sane, I went and checked out our newest little cutie.
Say hello to our next Project Beautify property.

She's an adorable 1926 Spanish Revival? Spanish Mission? Spanish Colonial?
Spanish Pueblo? Me no speaky Spanish? 
Not sure exactly what style she is, but what I do know is
she's perfect and I want to squeeze her:)

We had some left over sod from Via Baja, so we put it down and man! that
made her happy:)

These original windows....!!!

Let's step inside:)

 You can't tell from these pics, but the ceilings round down:)
and that fireplace.... !! serious heart eyes for that one.
I love the little niche.

And here's another one in the hallway:)
sooo stinkin cute.

And what's not to love about that original medicine cabinet.
I love, love, love when they're still in these old houses and
I can just imagine the many faces that looked at themselves
in that mirror....

You guys have no idea the many patterns of totally groovy carpeting
were in this house!

And can we just take a second and look at how perfect that guys
outfit goes with that random flag out there??
I don't even know how or why that flag is there??

You guuuuyyyyyzzzzzz!!!
Just have a looky at what was under ALL THAT CARPET!!
I didn't win the Lottery last week (yes, I actually played)
but I'd say I hit the Jackpot here right???!!! 

The wood floors run through the entire house. Well almost. There's (of course) some
super lame laminate yuck in the kitchen, but we're crossing all our
fingers and toes that there's wood under there too.
That would just be way too perfect huh?

Oh! and after a huge round table discussion, we have come to the conclusion
that this house might just be... maybe, just maybe... a Spanish Pueblo???

I'll be showing you before and after pics of Via Baja house next week!
Oh boy! she's turning out to be a beaut!
I want to keep her:(


  1. If this is too personal of a question, I'll apologize in advance, but why do you rent a place and then fix up homes to sell, rather than owning/living in one of your renovations? Maybe you've told us in the past and I've forgotten.....Look forward to visiting with you every Tuesday.

    1. Hi Suzy! We renovate homes for a living. We really want to buy a house here in Carpinteria, and are just being patient for the perfect old house to become available to us. Just kinda tired of moving around and want to find our forever home and settle, so until then....we rent:)

  2. Hey Dorie, My question is along the same lines as SuzyMcQ. ;) Are you hired by others to do their fixeruppers? Or do you buy and flip? I can't wait so see both homes done. :D You've made Tuesdays my favorite day of the week. After Sunday of course. :)

    1. Hi Nancy!
      We are not hired by others. We do all our own fixer uppers, it's how we make our living:) I sure wish there was another word other than "flipper", but yeah that's what we do:)

  3. Sqeal! I love the new house you guys are working on! Can't wait to see her all beautified! Sorry about your yucky mold problem. Hope it's all cleared up know.

  4. Oh the niches! My grandmother's little bungalow in Mesa had those! Brings back some sweet memories! I predict you striking gold again with this new little cutie! Seriously, you just get better and better!

  5. We are renting too and waiting for just the right place. But Carpinteria (don't you love how the spellcheck always highlights that Spanish spelling)...was where I lived from 10 - 16. We lived on Arbol Verde St. not so far from the beach bluffs in a smallish house that I cannot BELIEVE is worth over $900K now. Loved Carp., loved the congregation at Valley Baptist Church on Maple (moved over the hill from Santa Barbara by mules), and was so sorry to move when we did. It's a wonderful community.

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