Tuesday, November 3, 2015

I wanna talk about me...part 2 :)

Totally kidding. It's just that I've been staring blankly at my
computer and....nuthin. So I thought I'd just share a few
silly things that make up this gal that writes this
lil ole blog:)
... you can read part 1 here if you wanna.

I have a serious love affair with my one and only cup of morning coffee.
For reals.
I usually drink it after the boys have left for work,
the kitchen is clean, Little Bully has had 
his walk and the house is quiet. 
On the occasion that I happen to have to drink
it before all that, I feel like I've just robbed us
of our special alone time together and it just 
doesn't taste the same!!
Call me crazy.

I'm a list maker. Like old school pen and paper list maker.
My hubby says I should write it in notes on my phone.
Not gonna happen.
There's just something so satisfying about checking off as I 
go and seeing everything crossed off by the end of the day,
and then crumpling up that piece of paper and throwing it in the trash.

I swear Sesame Street scarred me for life.
Do any of you remember when Big Bird 
was the only one that could see Snuffleupagus?
I remember vividly freaking out over it. I couldn't deal
with how the adults didn't believe him!! I mean what the??
Thank the heavens that by the time Rio was born Big Bird was finally
validated and all was right in the world, because I was NOT
going to relive that stress!!

Oh and while we're talking Sesame Street scarring,
here's another one that always left me reeling.
One, two, two little chairs...
Two little dolls, two little chairs, two little girls , and a little dollhouse.

I LOVED everything about it. The dolls, and the 
DOLLHOUSE!! It was perfection. I was mesmerized. 
That is until... the stupid CATS!!
I could never understand why the girls would
giggle when the cats destroyed the place!!!

 Man I'm getting all worked up again.

Moving on..

I get distracted easily. Like right in the middle of writing this, I looked
over and thought hmmm.... Little Bully sure looks like he could use 
a heated dog bed. So I found this one and I ordered it. 
Oh, and I looked up that cute green coffee
cup in the first pic. It's Jonathan Adler for those inquiring minds.

I am hands down the worst egg turner over in the land. It's a 
miracle if I turn them over without breaking them.
I truly believe that one day I will master
this skill, but sadly my hands do not share my beliefs and 
continue to betray me.

One day, someday.. I wanna learn to play the banjo. 
I mean honestly, there's just no way to be sad when you hear a banjo
right? I dream of sitting on my front porch and playing a little jig,
and before I know it my neighbors show up with their fiddles
...and we jam:)

Speaking of dreams..
I have got to see these swimming pigs someday.
How adorable right????
Who doesn't want to swim in the crystal clear waters
of the Bahamas surrounded by pigs?!?!

Probably the same people who don't like banjos.
And we can't be friends.

Well that's about all I got for now.
Stay tuned for part 3! 
I kid. I kid.


  1. Ha! Your post made me smile this morning! (While I was drinking my coffee...) Have a wonderful day! Jane

  2. Try this with your eggs.... once you put them in the skillet let them cook for about a minute. Then add a tablespoon of water and put the lid on. They come out perfectly. You won't ever need to flip another egg again. ;)

    Have a great day!!

  3. You are so funny. I can relate so well with the mind wandering and the list making. I live my life by a to-do list.

  4. It's nice to meet someone else who is an old fashioned list maker like myself! I have lists everywhere. And mine are on paper too. I never knew about the pigs swimming with people until my SIL went on vacation there and posted pics on her facebook page showing her in the pool with the pigs. I thought that was the strangest thing I had ever seen!!! I'm not sure if I would want to swim with them. Just saying.

  5. My sister makes lists. OF. HER. LISTS. :) I am a list maker as well, but will never go that far. I do however, occasionally write something on my list AFTER I have done it, just so's I can cross it off. ;)

  6. I can relate to ALL of this, except swimming with pigs. I think that might be wrong. But I definitely remember big bird being the only one who could see Snuffles! And now I'm singing that song in my head..."What's that? Small pitter pat! One. two..." And you know what else stressed me out? That baker standing at the top of the stairs balancing all those pies! He would announce "SIXTEEN... BLUEBERRY... PIES!" And then he would tumble down the stairs, blueberries and crust flying everywhere, and I didn't even get a slice.

  7. The banjo part had me smiling and then when I got to the pig part I was giggling! Except I totally thought they were hippos and thought, "how cool!" and then thought perhaps that might be a little terrifying. Pigs would be better! ;)