Tuesday, December 8, 2015

My favorite things.... :)

Saturday afternoon looked like this:)

We gathered the kids and dogs and
drove our old gal to the beach and topped her with our Christmas
tree. We took over a gazillion family pics, and thank the heavens
ONE turned out for our Christmas card or heads were gonna roll.

As I'm sure you all have experienced, getting a family and
3 dogs to all cooperate is...well...super fun!
I think the ions were helpful in keeping my meltdowns to a minimum.

Sunday afternoon looked like this.
I turned on some Christmas tunes and tackled the bins.

I put out all my favorite things.
This house is small and can look cluttered easily, so a whole lot
of my Christmas stuff stayed in the bins.

This pom pom garland from my friend Melanie is just the cutest ever.
She made it, and I love it!

This sweet little angel who over the years lost her wings, belonged to
my hubby's grandma. She's one of my most favorite things.

Speaking of angels and favorite things...

This is last night. 

House clean, laundry done, roast in the oven and a little Ina.
My favorite favorite thing:)


  1. Gotta agree with you on Ina...she rocks and is truly timeless. My 19-year-old daughter totally agrees. She spans the generations and is one class act. Happy holidays, everyone!

  2. *Gosh... I want your BUG!!!
    *Ina is my fav Chef. Love her and Jeffrey.
    *The crocheted/knitted poinsettias are cute ~ did you make them?

    1. Aren't those just the cutest? They clip on so they can be used in so many places:) I bought them a few years ago at Cracker Barrel in AZ.

  3. Love Love Love your blog. It makes my day. Have a wonderful holiday.

  4. There's nothing like sitting back and soaking up the twinkle when the decorating's done and dinner's in the oven. :o)

    Thanks for your sweet holiday tour!