Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Mama wants trout.... :)

Look at my adorable mama and my 
adorable baby girl. These two share a January 13th
birthday. For two years in a row, I've been lucky to have
my mom come and visit and share her special day with us:)

This pic was taken last year when we took her out to eat her
favorite thing ever- trout.
My mom LOVES trout.

This year when I asked her what she wanted to do for her birthday,
she said "I want to stay home.... and eat trout."
Oh my gosh she cracks me up.

I totally thought we were going to go OUT for trout. 
But stay home it is!!

My mom loves the color blue, and Rio loves gold. So I 
scrounged around between Rio's stash and mine to 
come up with the table setting.

I found an old curtain panel that was the only blue thing in my 
house, so I used it for the tablecloth.
The dinner dishes are Rio's. They are vintage Haviland given to 
her by Chase's sweet grandma. 
The small plates and glasses are from Target:)

I remembered there was this bush behind the church across the street from
my house that has these perfectly blue colored berries on it.
So I went and clipped me a few:)

I thank the heavens I have Chase. He loves to cook, so we tag teamed this one.
He cooked up the veggies and those trouts with the heads and the eyes
I made the salad and the mushroom quinoa and my sweet hubby
grilled up the crab legs.

And just look at that smiley face!
She was so so happy with her feast.

Good thing I'm a napkin hoarder and can afford for a 
few of my white ones to get completely destroyed
by the black char on the crab legs!
It was worth it though, they were sooo tasty!!

We finished our feast with an incredible gluten free 
strawberry chocolate cake from Lilac Patisserie in Santa Barbara.
If you're ever in the area and want some amazing gf food?
Lilac Patisserie is where it's at. Everything on the menu is gluten free!

I put 8 candles on the cake because Rio turned 28, 
and my mom turned....
Yeah I know! She looks amazing huh?
There must be something in that trout!


  1. Happy Birthday Moma & Rio!! Beautiful table setting.

    I'm always afraid to order fish in a restaurant.... because of the fear of it coming out with the head on it!! EEEEEK!!!! :o

  2. They are both so BEAUTIFUL! Moma doesn't look 80 and I swear every time I see a picture of Rio, it is like looking at you Dori when you were younger. Lucky girl! Thanks for always having such great posts!!!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAYS! They are blessed to have you. I am on my way to spend my bday with my daughter. My favorite place to be!!!!

  4. What a precious post. GREAT memories!!!
    Your Mama is lovely....as is Rio. Such a priceless day.
    But, yikes.........sever those heads. Ick.
    When I saw the grilled crablegs and butter, my mouth really salivated. Yum. Yum.
    Your moccison wearing friend. ( even if I can't spell them)

  5. Beautiful tablescape and even more beautiful birthday girls!

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