Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Cool stuff.... :)

 I started writing this and it occurred to me that I'm not sure I've
ever actually said my hubby's name on this blog!!
What the??
This is Rog, short for Roger.
 I call him Love or
Lovey, or Lovekins or Love of my Life or Sweet Cakes
or some other ridiculously mushy name I can think of:)

Rog and I often talk about how we would have been best friends 
when we were little. He loved building card houses,
 and I loved making Barbie
beds out of shoe boxes:) and we both loved what we call
"cool stuff". 
I'm not sure how to describe "cool stuff" but it's just stuff
that we find cool that maybe other people might find
not so cool??

Doing what we do with houses and all, we've come across some really
cool stuff. I love how Rog will bring home things from our houses
that he rescues because he knows I would love them.

Like these huge rusty nails:)
I have no idea what they were used for, but they were in a pile at our
Via Baja property and now they are all happy and snuggled
together in this wooden bowl from Target:)

And check out this perfectly washed out and rusty pulley thingy
that is used on double hung windows.
Rog found this cool thing in the garage of our Coronado property.

And what's not to love about rusty old pencil sharpeners?
One came from our Grove property and the other came
from Via Baja.

"The average pencil is seven inches long, with just
half inch eraser-
in case you thought optimism was dead."
         -Robert Brault

More Via Baja goodies:)
The coolest metal basket and rusty bucket.

Then there's this adorable little thing.
I found this in the garage of one of the historic houses
we did in AZ. Even after scrubbing it, it still
has a hint of oil smell from the old bits and screws and
garage stuff that was inside it.

I don't mind it. I imagine some sweet old man with
crinkly hands opening and closing those little
drawers looking for just the right little screw for his project:)

It houses my baubles now.

And that my friends, is today's lesson in  
what Rog and I like to call
 "cool stuff".


  1. i'd say "super cool stuff" would fit best!

  2. The way you and Rog are incorporating those treasures is really inspiring. :)

  3. Your hubby sounds like a cool guy. I adore my hubby, but he doesn't understand how cool rusty old "junk" is.

  4. You and Rog are too cute!!

    Cute ~ kewel ~ treasurers!!

  5. A sense of peace washed over me reading this. I want everyone to find those treasures- in "stuff" and especially in people.

  6. Love your treasurers! Your "nails" are actually railroad spikes!

  7. Love this! My husband gets me that way too... except at Christmas, he did really good on some neat old stuff, then I opened an old coffee grinder. I don't drink coffee, but he does and he has always wanted one of these! I gave him a good ribbing about it!! Bless.

  8. Rog is Va Va Voom!!!!!! Y'all make a really darling couple!!!
    I love "cool stuff" too........my Hubs does not love it tho. He is a GREAT fixer tho........and at our age, 67, we are an adorable couple........we just have a lil rust on us!!!!
    Love the turg necklace with the brown stone on it.......???? No clue what it is, but I love it anyhow.

  9. You two seem SUPER cool! Love your blog and decorating style. Always look forward to Tuesdays! Oh, and love the Chicago pencil sharpener.

    Pat in Chicago

  10. I love both of your eye for "cool stuff!" My dad has a ton of those big ole' nails. I'm not sure what they are for either. I always thought they were old railroad nails. I'm not sure though. I would have never thought to put them in a little wooden bowl like that. I love it and your creative way to display stuff!

  11. You cannot imagine how much I enjoy your blog. It never ceases to bring a smile, a chuckle or an outright laugh from me. Thank you ever so much for sharing your life and family with us.

  12. I'm with Susan ^ Just enjoy you to pieces. I'm still waiting for you to have your own show on HGTV!

  13. Those railroad spikes are a cool find. I have one that I got from when the little one was hooked on railroads. They look REALLY cool in that dish, but I'm afraid one wouldn't have the same impact.

  14. Yup - they are railroad spikes. Love when couples have great times together.