Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Show and tell..... :)

Did you LOVE show and tell as much as I did as a little girl??
It was seriously one of my favorite things about school.
Lord knows it wasn't math.

I remember being fascinated and so excited to see what
others thought worthy enough for show and tell:)

One year I brought my prized Baby Brother Tender Love doll. He was 
anatomically correct and now that I think about it, that must have
been quite the controversial doll back then!

I got him for Christmas that year and I loved him. 
 He wore adorable blue shorts and a striped blue shirt. He came with
a bottle and after I fed him I could squeeze his tummy and 
he would pee. AWESOME!! I tell ya!!

I still to this day cannot believe my very conservative mother bought that for me.
I'm sure she was sick of hearing me beg for it.

Fast forward 40+ years.
Let's play show and tell and I'm gonna show you my most favorite
Christmas present this year.

Check out Puff Daddy people.
Is he not the gnarliest most awesome thing you ever did see?!

I spotted him in a store downtown within days of moving here a 
year and a half ago.
 It was love at first sight for me.
But just as you would imagine with a moniker like Puff Daddy, he
was super pricey. I settled for buying the much less expensive Puff Baby
you see sitting on the left.

 I never forgot about Puff Daddy though, and I made sure to mention him
like a million times to anyone who would listen over the last year
and a half so they wouldn't 
forget about him either:)

Well wouldn't you know that keeper of a man of mine bought me
Puff Daddy for Christmas!!
I'm pretty sure I squealed like a little school girl.
No I'm certain I did.

Now Puff Baby has his Puff Daddy.
They both however have mentioned they are not complete without....
Puff Mama..... :)

there WILL be more to this story..... :)


  1. You can even make a puffer fish look awesome. Yay for dreams coming true. ;) I LOVED show and tell!!! I don't remember anything I ever brought but I do remember starting to plan the next one as soon as one was done. :)

    1. Dori you crack me up! Move over deer with anlers the next big thing is going to be puffer fish! XO. Oh yeah, I contacted HGTV (No really, I did) about you having your own show. They said show ideas are accepted from production companies or their representatives. So, I suggest you get yourself a production company started lickety split! Or at least pitch an idea for a Tuesdays with Dori show to an established production company!! Now THAT'S a show I watch AND DVR! ~K.

  2. * a show I WOULD watch, and DVR. :)

  3. Dorie, lol. I wish you could've seen my face when I saw Mr. Puff Daddy. Big emoji eyes. LOL. You are adorable, he looks right at home.