Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Go granny, go granny, go granny Go!!

Is she the cutest little granny cart in the world?? I thought so too :) I found her at this sweet little store in San Clemente, CA a few weeks back for $15 !!! Sadly, granny had lost a little bit of her beauty :(
But look at her now!!! A little burlap ribbon and a big ole green flower and she's back!!

I love her :) she faithfully carries my goodies from the farmers market every Friday. And yes, she has many admirers! She's old but she's strong! She sings this sweet little squeaky song the whole way home, and I love it :)

This is just some of what came home with me last Friday: fennel, romaine lettuce, lemons, arugula, purple onions, leeks, and salmon. All organic of course!
And oh yes! These beautiful eggs. Our sweet single chicken just can't keep up so I've had to buy them. The colors are amazing, and the taste of fresh eggs is like no other :)
So please people, support your local farmers :) it's good for them and especially good for you!


  1. Go, Granny! And wear your bright pink lipstick and little white gloves.

  2. I love that thingy. Say hi to Wallace!!

  3. i love it! my favorite part is the squeaky sound and the big green flower! i love to read your blog! it is so interesting and funny and cute. :)
    love you!


  4. Granny is the cutest! I'll bet everyone at the market is so jealous!