Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Well it started out as a good week... :(

Last week the hubby thought maybe our single chicken was looking quite lonely. So he brought this sweet little chic home! Wallace LOVES her :) and I must say she is quite taken with him too!

Thursday I took a trip to Lizabel's Treasures. I found this cute little medicine cabinet and wooden box. Oh so happy!
Friday I picked up this faux (bummer I know) chocolate cake from Domestic Bliss. Kristin is having a huge sale, getting ready for a whole new bunch of goodies, so git while the gittins good ladies!

Theeeeen, Come Saturday?? I swear I have the swine flu, or maybe SARS or maybe the black lung? Whatever- I seriously NEVER get sick and this cold hit me hard!! :( So, I'm drinking a lot of this,

And snuggling a lot with this, and trying to get better :)


  1. Oh Dorie, sorry to hear you are under the weather... this is another reason I am a recluse...it's healthier. Get well sweety. What a great little sick buddy.

  2. I am a firm believer that puppy love is the very best medicine! Hug the stuffing out of him! I cannot believe how good he is with that chick! I am sorry to say that my Jack Russel would have said little chicky for lunch!

  3. I hope you get better Aunt dorie! I love the pictures of wallace and his new companion...



  4. Doris-
    I hope you have been wearing a SARS mask- I would hate to see Wallace or the chicky face the same fate as you!!

    :) hehe ! Hope you are feeling better - don't you have something important to do??? Like get building!!!???


  5. That pic of Boz is so adorable I could just squeeze him! Although it looks like he wants to eat the chick and not love him. hee hee