Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Quality vs. Quantity???

Oh just look at her! I love her, covet her, want her soooo bad for my bathroom! She's from Porcher, and she's around $2000.000!!!!!!!! I showed her to my hubby and his response was "are you smoking crack"??? To which I replied, "Well yes of course I am, the very same crack I was smoking when I walked into Nordstrom one day and came home with a pair of $795 Valentino shoes"!!!! He sooo didn't see the humor in that one :(

So, while I was checking out this blog, I came across someone having the same problem! They found this sink! At a mere $350 it seems like a no brainer. I mean that would mean Shumacher wallpaper, and a vintage chandelier and all the other goodies that such a budget friendly sink would afford me! GEEZ! I don't know??? Your thoughts???


  1. salvage and re-porcelain baby! still come out ahead with the moola for the wallpaper and chandi! and don't forget fixtures!! :)


  2. I think I still like the top one better. My mom and I have come up with a brilliant plan to justify ridiculous purchases. Divide the cost by the total number of times you think you'll use the item. for example: A $2,000 sink will probably be used 3 times a day. Over the course of five years (and I'm sure you'll have the sink WAY longer than five years) you will have used the sink approximately 1,825 times. This means the sink only costs $1.09 because that is the amount you'll spend every time you use it. Totally worth it. A $1 sink?!?! What a steal. :)

  3. I would never have thought you were a crack smoker:) My friend was building a house and when her birthday came around she asked for a 1200.00 sink and got it. So when's your bday? Good luck with this one.