Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Some girls want diamonds and jewels galore...

I'd rather the Architectural Salvage store!! For our 23rd anniversary, Rog and I decided to spend the weekend at our little cottage in Dana Point and make a venture here- The Architectural Salvage of San Diego. I couldn't WAIT to get in there and do some digging :)

What a cool place. They carry doors, windows, sinks, hardware and all the what nots a restoration nut like myself would be looking for.

I mean seriously? Who wouldn't be looking for their very own St. Bonaventure to grace their back yard? And yes, I was honestly contemplating him. He's just so adorable doncha think?

And this awesome door header? The goose or duck or whatever is kinda cool.

And back plates ( or whatever they're called) by the zillions!

I really just wanted the green box these handles were sitting in...

And there he is... my prince charming, loading up the loot. Ah yes, came home with 3 five panel doors for the inside of the house.

And this beaut for my laundry room. The pic doesn't show the awesomeness of the perfect green chippy paint...me really loves :)

But the big prize???? These 2 mantels. PERF for my living room and master bedroom!!! Can't wait to sit by them on the 4 nights that it's actually cold enough in AZ. for a real fire... :) but who cares right??? Their Gorg!!! (that's short for gorgeous:)

Oh yeah, and the children I left behind :( that's what I call the things that you don't get and your heart tugs at you the whole way home :( no worries, if these babies are there when I return in the next couple of months - their MINE!!!


  1. Fantastic finds! I love those doors! I didn't appreciate my Grandma's five panel doors when I was little. Now I wish I had them! I also have regret all of the way home every time I go to a place like that...because I want everything I see!!

  2. That would be a swan! I know cuz I love them. Headed to Temecula next week and might have to venture on down. Great post.

  3. I hope you invite me over some day to see all of these goodies installed!