Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Oh hello kettle, my names pot...

This is my street, and where I start out my walk every morning.
Our historic district is filled with bungalows and tudors and the occasional ranch style home. This cutie is right across the street and it's what I get to look at every time I'm on my front porch :)
This tudor is sooo cool. Wish someone who loves old houses and wants the coolest neighbors ever would buy it ;)

And check out this little dollhouse :)

This is my neighbor Jeory's (rhymes with Dorie) house. It's a beaut :) And I must mention that on my side of the street there is a Dorie, Tory, Lorie and Jeory!!

Theeeeeen, at the end of my street sits this:
The Women's Club of Mesa. WHAT???? There is nothing "woman" about it!!

Oh yes, please check out that HIDEOUS metal screen door!!!

Oh how I wish Margaret Wheeler Ross could see it now :( :( It truly breaks my heart. It's clearly BEGGING for someone or some "club" to love it.
This is the back of the club. Those door are I'm sure original, and soooo in need of a paint job!
I picture it looking a little more like this:
And this:
But what am I talking about? My house is clearly the "ugly" on the street :(

But not for long! Framers start tomorrow :) and after this project? I'm going to tackle that Women's Club!!!


  1. Have you been inside the women's club? Kristen and I at one time had ballet class there. From what I remember, it's all hardwood floors, huge reception room. What are they doing with it now? Let's start a club.

  2. Oh Dorie!! I grew up in Mesa. In fact, my Dad's family (Ellsworth's)has been there since the 1890's. How I love it and how I miss it. I love my Wasatch Mts. in Utah where I have spent much of my adult life, but how I long for home.

    Thank you for the walk down your street. I know exactly where that women's club is. I used to ride past it with my Mom on the way to the library or the post office and wonder why it had its' door on the corner. Seriously, somebody could turn it into a beutiful reception center!

    My Grandam Hamblin lived on East 2nd St. & Hibbert. not far from your little neighborhood. Sadly, it is gone...flattened. It was a delightful little bungalow nestled in among tall pecan and citrus trees. I loved as a child and wish I could even have the cut glass door knob that looked like a big diamond! Just a poece to remember it by! Thank you and your neighbors for preserving and bringing those darling and majetic homes back!

  3. Have you seen the women's club in La Jolla? It is down the street from my mom's house and it's divine. My cousin was married there, actually!

  4. I love today's post! I know the women's club could use some sprucing up..... and u are just the right person for it! I always look forward to your posts!:)


  5. I love the bungalows! So cute :) I'm sophie and sheas friend from school!! Love your blog and look forward to continuing to read it!!


  6. I can't wait to see your new house :) I'm sure it will be fabulous.
    I want to live in your neighborhood! Wouldn't that be fun? haha