Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My favorite house I could never live in... :(

Cause I'd have to be 2 inches tall!! I've always loved dollhouses since I was a little girl. I dreamed of one day being able to create what I always envisioned as the perfect little world. That one day came about 3 years ago. I walked into my favorite dollhouse store, and weeks later brought my little dreamy home, home :) She's complete with walnut floors, Shumacher wallpaper (yes, they make it for dollhouses!) electrified chandeliers, Bespaq furniture, and Reutter porcelain bathrooms! Enjoy the tour... :)

Most of the food in the dollhouse was created by my neice Shea, so talented! And she's 13 !!

Oh yeah, and Shea made the bedding and rugs for me too!!

And this little sweetie? She's the dollhouse keeper. She lovingly and tenderly is keeping watch of my treasure in her bedroom until my house is complete and I can bring it home. Thanks Miss :)


  1. Go Shea! She did an EXCELLENT job. And so did you, Dorie.

  2. So elegant...I think this is better than my home! Can I move in? Love the chandeliers...what a precious home!

  3. I want to live in your doll house! That has long been a passion of mine but I have yet to buy my little dreamy house! I am in love with it's kitchen!!! Did it come in tat or did you do the decorating?

  4. Marianne,
    I bought the kit and had it assembled and painted. I then picked the wallpapaer and flooring and had someone install that too, (way to hard for a first timer) and then yes, I did all the decorating :) had sooo much fun doing it!