Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Well worth the wait :)

The windows are here!!!!! After waiting for what seemed like forever, the beauties finally arrived :)
The hubbs spent HOURS on Saturday scraping, scraping and scraping. The original windows on the front of the house had been painted and sealed shut :(

This front window was love at first sight for me. With everything else in the house completely destroyed by the all the "remodeling"' in the past, somehow these gorgeous windows survived. I wanted to replicate the same window for my kitchen.

Weeeeell, here she is. Can you spot the error???? Yeah, the pattern is UPSIDE DOWN!!! Such a bummer after all that waiting!! So hopefully the fix won't put us behind and we can keep on truckin!!
So now it's crunch time. I need to be picking tile, wood flooring, lighting, paint colors, plumbing fixtures etc. etc. etc!! And what do I do instead???? I buy these cute sticker roses and put them on my bathroom wall! (come on! I'm in a rental and dying here!)
The hubbs says it looks "granny". I don't care! It made me happy :)

Now I need to git to gittin!!! Do you find yourself doing mindless projects and totally avoiding what you really should be doing?????


  1. How exciting! If only those old windows could talk, huh? SO are the new windows on just the newer part of the house?

    I am so anxious to see this home finished. (love the roses too!)

  2. So what's the verdict on the kitchen? What did you decide?

  3. Marianne- sadly other than the two front all the other windows had to be replaced:(

    Ang- why green of course! White uppers and green bases:) can't wait!!

  4. I love the granny flowers -you know I do! And yes, I do find myself doing mindless projects all the time...should organize my closet...so instead I organize my bathroom drawers for the 20th time:)
    Love your windows-those were the beauties to me too! Your home will be beautiful.

  5. Amazing that you can find the exact windows as the original one in the front. And I like the granny rose stickers too! They spice up the bathroom. And besides, once you tire of them (let's face it, you will), you'll be outta there! Can't wait to spend time at your bungalow!