Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dresser redo #2 and a birthday too!!

This week in Cali was filled with crafting, fireworks and a birthday boy. I swear I do more things than redo dressers and cook yummy dinners! Who am I kidding? No I don't! I LOVE LOVE LOVE to find crap furniture and love it back to beauty :) I found this dresser at my fav Salvation Army for $50. Kinda expensive I know, but she had fabulous legs and suuuch potential! The poor thing had been stenciled to death and had those "onlays" hot glued to her. She was then finished with a fabulous coat of I don't know what, some sticky stuff that took FOREVER to sand off!

Soooo with the combination of some green paint, 2 vintage handles and A LOT of (the hubby's) elbow grease...
She's a happy girl :)

 My sweet son turned 20 yesterday, July 5th. I guess after living with a crrrazy mama like me, it would only be natural that he would end up with the same love of old used furniture.
He bought this chair for $10 at an estate sale and spent his birthday painting her.

She turned out like this :)

The happiest of birthdays Ryne!
I love you,
Pearl :)


  1. Oh another bute! Yes, I'm talking about (Ryne!!:) the dresser!!
    How is it that your children in there 20's?
    And WHO is the doxie????

  2. The sweet little doxie is Ryne's gf's. Her name is bella :)

  3. I'm sure Roger just luuuvs it when you come home with more projects for him to re-do. haha. But it sure turned out beautiful!

  4. And that chair rocks that Ryne bought!