Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

I've been sitting here trying to figure out how to start this post, and my brain is not cooperating . Maybe because I'm high. I came home from doing last minute Thanksgiving preparations, (getting a mani/pedi! Duh!) to a house with every window open, ceiling fans on, and the heater cranking. Not one foot in the door and the fumes hit me. My sweet love of my life decided to put a coat of something that will forever damage your lungs, on the cellar floor.
(This is a custom carving that my daughter had our carver in our shop make for the hubby 2 years ago in anticipation of his beloved wine cellar. Our last name is Understiller- get it? Cute huh.)

I held my breath and braved the toxic elements to get these pics for you. Anything for my blog buddies!!
This is the cellar floor (originally a root cellar). The brick we found in the back yard when we bought the house, and the wood is again- our old fence. The hubby spent all weekend putting it down. No easy feat! The boards being so old were a pain to work with. But with much persistence and my constant cheering "you can do it!!" he completed it! How cool is that!! The hubby is nothing short of amazing I tell ya :)
Yes, I'm soooo very thankful for my husband. His talents many, his heart huge :) He puts up with more than his fair share of crap from me, and still wakes up every morning and says "good morning beautiful". I don't deserve him, but somehow the Lord thought I did :)

Have an amazing Thanksgiving everyone!


  1. You guys are so sweet... And the floor looks awesome!


  2. Looks great!! Have a great Thanksgiving!!