Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hideous mantles and microwaves... :)

After just cleaning off my mantle from Halloween, I'm sort of in a funk. Can't figure out what to put up there for Thanksgiving. No really, I just keep staring at it with the hopes that something will inspire me. Nothing. So I went searching. I googled Thanksgiving mantle decoration and look what came up!!!!

SERIOUSLY??? What the??? Huh?? Oh, come on!! I've been laughing so hard over this picture!! It's HIDEOUS!!! I mean, I don't think I owned even two of those dried thingys back in the 80's when they were popular!! Maybe I should have typed in Thanksgiving mantle decoration 2010???
In other hideous news: I broke down. I bought a microwave. (what you can't hear is the applause and whistles from the hubbs.) I hate microwaves. We've been living without one for about 2 years now. On purpose. I heat things up old school. In a freaking pan. On the stove. Like we all used to before the microwave. But after listening to my hubby complain time and time again about my old school ways, I caved.
So here sits the beast. A tiny beast, the cheapest tiniest beast I could find.

She's ugly and doesn't deserve the prime real estate she's hogging on my counter. But worse? She's supposed to be sitting on a shelf in my pantry.

Yep right there. The hubby even put a plug in there while we were building in hopes of someday owning his precious micro. But when I look at my lovely organized pantry, I can hardly bear the thought of making room for that ugly. And I weirdly think it's going to emit some crazy something all over my food.

Counter? Pantry? Counter? Pantry? It's a lose- lose situation :( Your thoughts??


  1. How bout laundry room??? - I am right there with ya sista on the anti -micro. Can stand um- last house? In the garage.
    -Everything else looks like perfection!:) can't wait to see it in real life one of these days!


  2. Yeah, I'm out on whether the microwave does funky stuff. Feel the same about cell phones. At least the microwaves aren't in everyone's pocket and we have to listen to CONSTANT noise pollution with all the ring tones and weird conversations. I SO recall the days when we were old school. Who invented this crazy thing anyway? The microwave & and the annoying cell phones?

  3. I didn't know they made mini-me microwaves. That thing deserves the pantry, Dorie.

  4. I hate microwaves too! We went the longest time without one and I caved as well! Bought the same cheapo you did!!!! ;)

  5. During our major renovation I could not believe I had to convince my architect and contractor that the microwave had to go in the pantry...maybe it's because I really don't even have a pantry, but it's where I put my food and my microwave and it's perfect.

  6. Pantry for sure. Shut the doors and forget it exists! :)

  7. Dorie, my dear! Please put the microwave in the cupboard!!! Hide it! I love your cupboard... it is so organized!!!!!
    Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement. It really means so much to me. I've been wondering lately if my blog has any true value and effect. You're wonderful and kind comments made such a difference.
    xo Yvonne

  8. Hi Dorie!
    I came over here from Yvonne's blog... she is amazing, isn't she!
    I just perused your wonderful posts... I especially enjoyed the one of your bedroom with the slanted ceiling. My husband and I have the same in our room... I love what you did!
    I could use a chandelier :o)
    What a way to dress up a bedroom ~
    And, YES, your headboard is beautiful ~ you did a great job creating an oasis ...
    I will keep you in mind to visit again~ Your blog title is perfect!

  9. What? How in the world have you survived without a microwave? No leftover Chinese for breakfast in 45 seconds? No delicious popcorn and rad 80's movies in 2 minutes, 43 seconds?

    What a sad existence.

    Just kidding. Tell your husband we didn't even have electricity when we were growing up. (No, I'm not 85. I'm 25. We lived on a ranch)

    I'm glad you commented on our blog so I can drool over your bungalow.

  10. Nikki just got her drool on me. She sent me to look at your blog and let me just tell you how in love I am. I hope you can make it to the barn sale this weekend, it's going to be awesome! And I can't believe I didn't post the date on the blog. It's all over my blog, www.junkrestore.com. So I'm your newest follower, I can't wait to see what else you do.


  11. Dorie, I don't have a microwave either. Ours caught on fire about 3 years ago (nothing else but the microwave was harmed, thank God) and I haven't replaced it. Not only does it REALLY lighten up our kitchen but our popcorn is better - made on the stove. I get the strangest looks from people when I tell em' I don't have one. They look at me as if to say, "How do you make anything?" Lol. I tell em' my granny didn't have a microwave and she did JUST fine : ) Yours is not too bad though. Bet your hubby is loving it.
    ~ Deanna