Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I always feel like somebody's watching me....:)

This is where I spend hours doing all kinds of stuff I find highly important. You know- blogging, facebooking, online shopping, emailing :)

But seriously? Sometimes I feel like I'm not alone. Maybe because I face the "wall o dead" as I like to refer to it. All those old pictures are of my hubby's family, in the most beautiful old frames. I really do treasure all of them. But one in particular, just stares. And stares. At me.
I try to break the creepiness by taking a glance at Wallace's baby pic, (I know! he was sooo adorable) but then I look up- and there she is!!

She has such a stern look to her, but her eyes seem so gentle. It's like she's keeping me in line or something? And it's like she knew I was going to say something about her being a little creepy, because no sooner had I taken this pic that I hear WHAM!

I turned around to see this. My sweet baby Wallace pic on it's side. Hmmm. My hubby said "are you okay?" from downstairs.

I had to laugh. "yep, I'm fine!" And then I turned to her and said a very respectful "I'm sorry". For without her, I wouldn't have that amazing husband of mine :)
**Oh and that shelf thing on the "wall o dead" is an old plate rack I found in my son's backyard when he bought the house. Score!!


  1. What a great place to sit at the computer...with the wall of books behind you...and the old plate rack...love! I also love that you actually have all those old family pictures (we don't have very many) even with the stares!:)

  2. No way! That IS a little creepy! She does look like she was a nice lady though! Poor people back than had to sit still for so long. They probably hated the whole process!

    I have dreams of buying old houses and finding treasures like you did in that plate rack. I always wake up frustrated!

  3. I love your sweet little nook! I have a wall between me and my husband's Polish relatives framed over the fireplace. Don't want the dead looking at me!

  4. That would have freaked me out!!!

    Your house is so flipping beautiful... every picture is prettier than the last.