Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It's the most wonderful time of the year!!

Warning: This post is a little picture happy!
I can't get to Christmas without showing you my Thanksgiving. What a grand time I had with my family, I always do!

Everyone in my family cooks. So I had a lot of help. I think at one time we were ALL in the kitchen!
We ate outside because the weather was PERFECT!! It started out a little chilly for here in AZ, but soon warmed up nicely :) (Oh, and that's my son there on the end. If you know him, you know it's a RARE thing for me to get a pic of him, especially one of him smiling!)

Here's my sweet mama. The one who created this kooky girl. Isn't she the cutest??
And what's a family get together without silly pics with your sister!!

We played Bocce ball in the sunshine,
While my sweet niece held on to Wallace so he wouldn't break his teeth chasing the Bocce balls! (no, he's really smart. I promise!)

Then Friday came around and it was time for CHRISTMAS!!! Yeah!!! We worked on the outside first :)

My favorite green feather wreath. Found it at TJ last year :)

Then came the inside. As I looked at my beautiful china cabinet, I couldn't help but feel like my Christmas china was going to get washed away in all it's whiteness. Sooooo...

I grabbed my tools, (my husband silly!) and went to work. I had a little sample of green paint in the garage and in my typical instant gratification fashion, I used it. I mean, who wants to go to the paint store and take the time to find that perfect shade? Not this impatient girl!! Case in point- I'm already painting while hubby is taping!

Anyhoo, she turned out like this!!

She's happy, and I'm happy :)

I filled her with my green Alfred Meakin china and a few of my fav Krinkles that I found at (a moment of silence please) the now closed M&Co.Papery :( I keep thinking if I blog about it enough, my sister will reopen her fab store?? I wish... :(

I think they add just the right amount of red doncha think?

The tree I had last year in the little rental bungalow just seemed too sad and Charlie Brown like to grace my front window. So I (was an idiot) braved Target on Saturday to buy this 9 ft. beauty. Sooo much better!

This sweet snowman sits on my kitchen island smelling the heavenly scent of a fresh rosemary tree I bought at Trader Joes :)

This Santa was my first really "expensive" Christmas decoration. He's sitting on my counter near the candy maker cabinet.
And the Charlie Brown tree? Well, she ended up in the front bedroom window :) She's happy there :)

Happy Decorating!


  1. OK, your post has made me feel pathetically unorganized and under decorated (try NOT decorated yet!). I have determined to start today! Really, your home looks so cozy and yet very stunning. You have done a beautiful job!

    You have also reminded me of some delightful Mesa family Thanksgivings of my own! We would eat outdoors also. Sigh! It's 10 degrees here in Salt Lake today. The snow has put me more in the Christmas spirit though. It's good for that, at least!

  2. I LOVE all these photos! You and Marlene dancing is so cute. And the china cabinet looks INCREDIBLE! Nice job sister!

  3. Best post yet ma, I actually READ it!!! Loved it :)

  4. Your striped china cabinet is an inspiration! I can't believe you just jumped in and did that. But it's incredibly beautiful! I love your house, your touches. Your love of family and home just shines through.

  5. Dorie, will you keep the green after Christmas? Love it. The house looks beautiful.

  6. Julie-
    Yes! That's why I went with the green. I thought it was a color that would go all year round :) Not to mention it is my fav color ever!!