Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Kale and Kayola...:)

OK, so you all know of my love for my local Farmer's Market. It takes place here in Mesa on Friday mornings, and it's one of my favorite things. I know, I need to get out more:) I just love the idea of supporting our local farmers and eating fresh and local. My daughter LOVES her some Kale chips, so last Friday I bought some bunches of Kale and made her some:)

Seriously folks, it's embarrassingly easy to make these! You'll need 3 items- kale, olive oil and sea salt.

Cut the leaves off the hard stems into bite size pieces. Drizzle with olive oil,

Sprinkle with sea salt,

and spread on a parchment lined sheet pan.

Put into the oven at 350 for about 15-20 min or until the edges are golden. I do not however recommend you sit down and watch your dvr'd episodes of Kitchen Nightmares while waiting. This will result in a little over browned kale chips:( Ugh Gordon!!

If your really feeling your inner Martha (or just need a cute blog pic) you can serve it up in a brown bag with a sweet little stamped saying on it:) And there you go. Kale chips. Super tasty and super good for you:) You can eat em up guilt free!!

Orrrrr- If you're like me and you love a little guilty pleasure, you could dive into these AMAZING cinnamon rolls made by a sweet blog follower of mine:)

Meet Kayola Skinner. She showed up at my doorstep one evening with these lovelies. Still WARM!! It was the sweetest thing! Literally. I had never met her before, she just reads my silly little blog and thought she'd stop by with her gift of handmade yumminess for me. We chatted about a lot of things and found we had so much in common. I loved how she came to my door a stranger and left a friend:) What a sweet woman that Kayola!

So if you're local, and have a hankering for the yummiest in sweet, buttery, cinnamon goodness- you have to give Kayola a jingle. Yep, she hand makes these scrumptious delights and sells them for $20 a dozen, or $25 a dozen with nuts. Order up!!

Trust me, you'll be glad you did :)

Kayola's Fat and Sassy Buns 480-643-0089 email: pkfamdmly@aol.com

Or check out her blog:)


  1. I am going to give the Kale a try for sure...that sounds yummy!!!!! Thank you for your kind words.........

  2. I love kale chips! I did zucchini chips today. They were good too.

    Where's your local olive oil, girl? :)

  3. i'm hoping to try out the farmer's market soon - maybe this week! does it last all summer long, even through the heat?!

    i love kale chips, a lot.

  4. I was in Phoenix last week and Kayola brought me those yummy rolls, too. Isn't she the sweetest thing ever? Now going to explore it in here;)

  5. I have popped over here from Kayola's blog... I have been a follower of her blog for ages and love her to bits.
    Kale...hmmm don't know if we even get that here in New Zealand? Must look cos it sounds lovely.
    I'm so glad you and Kayola got on so well... she is a really love.