Tuesday, May 3, 2011


We have a winner!! The winner of the most fantastic of all cutting boards is......

Twiggy&goose! Email me your address and I'll spend my life savings shipping you your sweet treat!!

This is my mama. Zoraida, or Ida, or Grandma Sweets or just Sweets. My brother started calling her that in college and it just sorta stuck. She is the mother of 6 beautiful (as I've heard her say all my life) kids. I love so many things about my mom, but one thing in particular stands out for me. This woman can cook like no other, and will. For anyone. Anytime. She calls all us kids and offers to either cook us dinner at our house or at hers, all the time. Yes, she still spoils her babies!

This is what her house looked like this past Sunday. It was just a couple of her friends, my brothers family, and the hubby and I. I LOVE how she always sets her table. She has my whole life. Tablecloth and all. I don't know that she owns any paper plates!

She uses her silver:)

Just some of her many dishes:) Seeee, THAT'S where my dish disease came from!!

Her napkin drawer'S!

As you notice in the table pic, my mom doesn't have a centerpiece. She never does. I guess because there needs to be room for all the FOOD! My mom NEVER runs a short ship!!


The yummiest carrots:)

Cabbage salad:) and her yummy iced tea:)

Thank you mom for so many things. Like-

Thank you for not freaking out when I didn't brush my hair my entire 4th grade year! (STILL hate brushing my hair)

Thank you for laughing hysterically and telling me I was "so dumb" after I got busted for shoplifting in Dillard's in 8th grade!(seriously the stupidist thing I did ever!)

Thank you for rolling your eyes when I got a C in Spanish:( Ay! Que horror!!

Mostly? Thank you for just letting me....be me:)

A Very Happy Mother's Day:)


  1. If twiggy&goose don't share their info, I make a great runner up. AND u wouldn't have to pay shipping to get it to me...I'm local!

    Sweets sounds like a lovely lady. I'm getting more used to using real dishes and silverware.

  2. What a wonderful mom you have. I love that she still spoils her babies.
    What a great table and food...the paella looks so yummy!! Is your mom giving out recipes?!
    Love the last pic of the two of you.

  3. so cute Dorie- I love Ida... when can we go have some Mexican breakfast??? xoxo Happy Mothers Day to you and sweet Ida!

  4. love that your mom doesn't do a centerpiece, neither does mine! my mom is the same way she loves to cook and people were/are always telling her she should open a restaurant. love your photos and i also love that she let's you be you!

  5. I loved looking at your Mom's dish collection because I also have a dish disease! But since I have no where to store them I don't buy them so that keeps it under control. And what a fantastic looking dinner! YUMMY!!!

  6. que bonito! food looks yummy and what a nice mommy :D and don't worry, this mexican girl that speaks fluent spanish and english failed spanish 1 in 8th grade, lol. what can i say? i was bored !