Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My blog b**tch.... :)

Yep, that's what my hubby told me he was. To my face. Wha? What? Really?? Ok, so it's partly true. It's just that this guy can make ANYTHING out of ANYTHING !!! And besides being completely amazing for our house, it just so happens to make fantastic blog material:) Case in point....
A few Saturday's back, he decided to tackle this arbor that we had been talking about. So I'm thinking, cool- a couple 2x4's, some nails and...done! Au contraire mon frere!! There was even concrete involved! Who knew?

You seriously have no idea how exhausting watching him work can be!! Juuuust Kidding!!! Someone had to take advantage of this photo op, you know- for the blog!! :)

Yeah, little bully kinda watched the backs of his eyelids the entire time:)

The result? True craftsmanship. I mean seriously. He's a wonder that man 'o mine!!

So hubby? I thank you, and this little bloggy thanks you. For without you.....geez, that's a lot of responsibility for a little bully!!


  1. Love it! Absolutely Beautiful!

  2. Another piece of perfection to add to your list! Just lovely!

  3. Ohhhh I love how it turned out. Your house is amazing, and I love to see pics of it!

  4. dory, it is wonderful!!!!!!!!!! the perfect addition for a perfect curb appeal. job well done...and bully's, too.

  5. Oh that arbor is BEAUTIFUL!!! I want an arbor now.

    I totally was hanging out on a chair watching my husband mow the lawn last week, and he would stop to scowl at me periodically. :)

  6. it looks beautiful... awesome job b _ _ _ _ _ !;)

  7. Love your charming home Dorie!! We have been in our house for 26 years now and we are remodeling things. We have always had that sense of community in our neighborhood hence we have never moved. Now that the kids are grown the house seems just the right size! :) It would be wonderful to live in downtown Mesa. Maybe you all can revitalize the downtown area one house at a time. More of us good move there!!

  8. **clapping of many hands** Good hubby.
    **blows kisses** Deb