Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Summer's a comin.....:(

So this was the lovely sight I took in this morning as I was having my cup of coffee. Why do I insist on believing I can keep a hydrangea alive here in AZ?? UGH!! I adore these flowers. But sadly, the Arizona heat is on my doorstep:( and looking at these sad flowers is just another reminder. **ooh and I just remembered that I need to start growing out my fingernails, you know- so I can drive with them this summer:( anyway....
After work I stopped by my local Trader Joe's for a few things for din. OF COURSE the flowers are the first things you see when you step in the door. Genius move TJ's!! Fresh flowers are one of my many weaknesses. I mean leaving TJ's without flowers is like shopping at Target without eating popcorn, or going to Costco without spending $100!

Hello lovelies!!

And welcome to my kitchen. Where you will be enjoying the next week or so before the AZ inferno takes you oh so prematurely from me:( and at which time I will most likely (sniff sniff) be replacing you with a succulent:(

1 comment:

  1. Yes, Trader Joe's is very tricky...I never leave that place without flowers either. I also agree with the Target popcorn...I can see how bad it is for me...but it tastes so good. I add that you can't leave Target without a new magazine..."Oh there is a new People Style Watch!!"
    Over here we are not feeling like summer at all...it is still rainy/cold most days ugh!!
    Loving your flowers and gorgeous lazy susan arrangement...so pretty!