Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Oh yessss....:)

  All my Halloween goodies are out and I'm a happy girl:) Now if only the weather would cooperate:(
 Cute witchypoo:)

Sorry for the dark pics:( my house faces north/south with a wrap around porch. Translation- the darkest house to photograph ever! NO! It has absolutely NOTHING to do with my lack of photography skills.
 My mantle. I'm convinced that everyone has that one thing. That thing that no matter what you do, you feel like it's never right? I'm mantally challenged. There. I said it. I have the worst time with this stinkin mantle! Anyway, here's the result.

 Just take a gander at my china cabinet. I love her:) She's an old beaut given to me by my sis in law. It was her grandma's:) I filled her with my black and white china and whatever fakey pumpkins I had:)

 This little dresser sits just inside my front door.

 And my fav of all- velvet pumpkins. Found at...FOUND! Kristin's having another one of her fab sales October 14-15th! You don't want to miss it! Info here:)

 I planted mums this past weekend:) LOVE the color!

 Put out my Halloween pillows on my porch furniture:) I just wrapped the seats in fabric that I had.
 I bought this vulcher guy years ago and lug him out every year:)
 And last but not least, my daughter Rio gave me these sweet old rusty urns a while back. I filled them with mums and the hubby ran a drip to them so they don't die a slow painful death when I forget to water them:) What a guy:)

Did I score or what???


  1. Love all your cute Halloween decor! I also really like those rusty urns your daughter gave you. You can use those all year. That vulcher is really cool! I think he's one of a kind. Loving those velvet pumpkins too. They're all over blogland but I'm afraid I have none. Boo! Need to find some. I wish I could shop at Found. Love that store from seeing it on their blog. I live on the other side of the country so that won't be happening. I'll try to send you some cooler weather. We've been wearing jackets in the morning, but then it warms up to short sleeves in the afternoon. Good ol Indian Summer I guess!

  2. Those urns are flipping AWESOME!!! I keep telling my husband that I needed mums but I was worried that it was still too hot.

  3. Beautiful as usual...........you are over the moon talented!