Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Aaaaahhh! Feel that??

Thank you Jesus for this cool weather. Amen. And I reeeally mean that! This last weekend it was beeeautiful here in AZ. Temps were in the high 70's, and I came alive. You see, I'm a weather driven gal. The long summer heat leaves me feeling the same thing every year...why the *bleep* do I live here?? And then came the cool off:) Soooo, this little happy girl did some baking:) Chocolate Chip cookies with Sea Salt. I just follow the regular recipe on the bag of chips, and sprinkle coarse Sea Salt the minute they come out of the oven:)
And they never......ever.....
Disappoint:) Yummmy!
 Then Rio and I turned on Food Network and....
Turned this......
Into THESE!!!

 If you want to purchase these, or any of Rio's fabulous jewelry, or some sweet $39 handbags from her newly launched website, we'll be here: The Boofest Flea Market:)

Kristin is hosting another fab event this Friday and Saturday. Don't miss it! It's another one of those things that doesn't ever.... disappoint:)
For times,directions and info click here:)


  1. oh!!!! salt cookies i love them too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Those wreaths are killing me! I want to come to the Boofest!

    I am also a fan of sweet/salty combos. I will most definitely try these cookies...YUM!

  3. Hi Dorie! I hope you can make it to the next barn sale in November! I'd love to see you...