Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New this week...:)

Juuuust take a gander at these fab terrariums I got at FOUND this weekend:) I think that's what they're called? I could be wrong, because when I went to the nursery to buy plants for them, I had 2 people ask me if I was putting animals in them!!! What the?? Cold blooded what?? Slimey, slithery WHAT?? Ewww NOOOOO!!! I'm getting shivers just writing about that. Moving on... while the terrariums (or whatever) were beautiful like they were, I thought they just needed a little something- you know, to make them adorieable:)
So I went a hunting in my trusty box of orphaned hardware in the garage. Came across these two knobs that, while they were not old (they were actually hideous bright shiny brass-the horrors) I knew I could paint them up and they'd be cute:)

I painted them Rustoleum Oregano and the hubby screwed the bases into the wood tops, and then I gorilla glued the glass knobs on the top:)
Took myself to a nursery in these parts and got totally depressed when they had no "terrarium"plants. I mean really, who am I kidding? This is AZ for heaven sakes! I think the guy was looking at me, mocking me, thinking- sure lady, we have what you're looking for! Right over there! By the hydrangeas! And the peonies! And all those other plants that you dream about having in your yard! Muuuahahaha!! Cackle cackle!! Head down and sniffling, I headed for my car and went to.....yep. Home freaking Depot. Where they carry all kinds of lovely AZ drought tolerant plants:(
At that point, I didn't care. Just get me some stinkin greenery that I can shove through a hole that I can barely get my chubby little hands thru, whilst sweating away half my body weight (that wouldn't be a bad thing) and GET IT DONE!!!
And here we are! 2 sweet terrariums (until someone corrects me) creature free and steaming their little hearts out:)

Theeeeen, true happiness. Right here. In this beaut mustard color granny purse! Me loves!! My always coming up with things to do to occupy her already busy life daughter Rio, fired up a little purse biz:) She sells these fab purses on her website- ChasingRio. Ohhh yesss. That little cutie is mine:)  
Aaaand this one too:) Isn't it the cutest?? And the best part? They're ALL $39!! Yep. $39!
Check em out! ChasingRio. That girl of mine- ridiculously creative and always doing something! And obviously wasn't raised in a "terrarium".


  1. Love those terrariums! I especially like how you added the little door knob thingy on top. Those purses look beautiful too. That's so great that your daughter started her own business with those. I'll go check out her website.

  2. I love the terrariums. What a great find.

  3. Very groovy ! I remember one Christmas, terrariums were all the rage (I grew up in the 60's and 70's) and that's what I made all my friends for Christmas : D

    Thanks for the blast from the past !!!!!


  4. I've been meaning to tell you that you and your husband raised an exceptional child. She's my new best frind, ya know:)

  5. I simply love love love these terrariums. Btw, I got the plates at HomeGoods....I hope this helps and you find them!! Happy Monday!!

  6. Soooo pretty....I grew up with terrariums.....my Mom loved them......we always made as gifts....LOVE LOVE LOVE the purses!!!!!!!

  7. O my good, beautiful purses:))