Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Better After...:)

I get a real thrill looking at before pics of my house. I really do! They make me laugh. I mean, seriously- who has a pool ladder and no pool?! This was originally (in 1916) a carriage house. Until some yahoo decided it would make a fabulous house.Yeah, there were PEOPLE living in there! Ewww. It was as you can imagine. AWFUL!  (And yes, we were some of those people. But that was after we quickly converted it into a 500sq. ft. cutie and lived in it for a year while we were restoring. Read about that here:)  And see all those red doors on the left? You can't miss them, there must be 17 of them! They went to these weird little "closet" like rooms. 
Well, this weekend we said a tearful (yeah right!) goodbye to all that hideousness! Waiting for the cooler weather before I fill those urns, because sadly, I had to say goodbye to the mums I planted in the other ones already. Yep, they fried:( Moving on...
Here's another before. Ugh. We painted the doors the body color of the garage while we decided whether to keep it a little guest house or make it back into a garage, or put siding on or not. The hubby got his garage, and we went with the windows to add some much needed light to the inside:)   

 Now I can see the him from the kitchen window while he hammers away building lots of goodies:) Oh, and that's lantana you see in those window boxes. I got a grip on the fact that I live in AZ and went with some hardy plants:)

 And honestly. I DID NOT tell Little Bully to get in that pic. I swear he watches me grab my camera and runs to get in the shot. Silly guy:) And just you WAIT to see what the hubby built me in that new fabulous garage!! Pure awesomeness, that's what:) Till next week!!


  1. All I can say is that you guys are amazing! You've made the whole place completely different than what it was. Love the lantana :) When we lived in TX, I had to settle for those plants too. I was just saying to the hubby that my mums never survived in TX - hmmmm I wonder why?
    Have a great week!

  2. It's hard to believe that is the same building in the first two photos. Wow.

  3. This is such am impressive before and after!!! Great job.

  4. your place is so stunning! i love seeing before/after photos.

  5. Everything you touch..............pure perfection!!!!!