Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Fix it!... For free:)

It's that time of year again!! You know, pull out the ole tree thats been shoved in a box for a year, put it up, fluff it up, and pray to Jesus that all the lights still work? Well every year, I curse the same thing. The hideousness that is.....the tree stand. Really? Someone hasn't figured out how to make a fake tree base that somewhat resembles a real tree trunk??? Ugh!! And I don't care how fabulous of a tree skirt you have, you can always see some of that ugly green metal pole!  

Well enough is enough! I had the hubby grab this old trash can that was literally  sitting in the back yard filled with dirt and bring er in!

He emptied the dirt, filled it with bricks, and used baling wire to secure the tree and voila!! Success:)

This little tree sits in our front guest bedroom, centered on the window. Well that meant playing musical furniture to make room for the tree. I took out the table that usually sits in front of the window, and after placing the tree I thought the room still looked empty. I grabbed this chair that usually sits in my craft room. Yeah, not lovin that fabric. So I did what any gal in a pinch would do...

Remove the slipcovers silly!! I wrapped fabric around the seat because that was the only part that didn't have the cream color upholstery:) Sunday I reopened the pillow factory (as the hubby calls it) and busted out all my Christmas pillows:) 

Here's the room at night. Mmmmm  me loves!

And the best part?

It didn't cost me a thing:) And hey, I'm thinkin about leaving that tree nekkid. I'm liking the simplicity of it:) Your thoughts?


  1. That was a great idea for your tree. I use an artificial tree too, but my branches go all the way to the ground practically. If I had the same issue that you had, I would definitely steal your idea! Ha! Your guestroom is absolutely beautiful! I do like the tree bare. It could go either way really.

  2. The tree looks so good in the trash can - love the cool beat up metal handle!!
    I think the bare tree looks beautiful in your room. I'm over here wishing I had such a great pillow stash. xo Ashlyn

  3. Ooh, I want to come and run away to your room! Read, nap, enjoy the simplicity - I love it.

  4. I surprisingly agree, the tree looks perfect unadorned! I could sit in that chair with the tree lit and let time just pass by....so relaxing looking!

  5. Love the tree in the metal can. Love the tree as is. Love the chair without the slipcover...and love your pillows too!


  6. Oh it looks beautiful...sign me up for a night in the guest room.

  7. Nekid all the way! Just know that I'm coming for real life tour when we're in town for Christmas......loves