Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The other side...:)

Saturday morning (whilst still enjoying some shut eye) my hubby leans over and whispers "hey, isn't today that Salvage thing?" I jolted awake for 2 reasons. Number 1- I swore I was sleeping with this guy, because surely my hubby was not saying what I thought he was saying! Number2- I was NOT going to miss Sweet Salvage!!
I wanted to find something for my bathroom. Not sure what, just that thing that would scream TAKE ME-TAKE ME!! :) While you all have seen this pic of my master bathroom, I've never actually shown you...the other side.......

Yep, go ahead and soak it all in (pun totally intended)!! I mean seriously? Who doesn't want to spend hours relaxing in that bore! A broken towel rod, that always chose to fall at the crack of dawn when my hubby would get out of the shower- scaring the *&%#$ out of me! And on it's way down would chip my original 1916 tub. UGH! This room has it's challenges I tell ya! Like those AC vents for one, and the weird ceiling height as well. Yeah, let's move on...FAST.

Well look at her now!! The hubby (again, being the Nate that I love) spotted this sweet old mantle in Nancy's area at Sweet Salvage for.....$299!!! Perf:) The topiaries on the toilet, the lantern and topiary on the mantle are from FOUND. I'm a lucky gal to live (literally) around the corner from that fab store!

  After installing the mantle (and realizing that if I could burn that other towel rack I would) the sweetness that is my hubby made me a new towel rack using scrap wood and some hooks that I bought years ago at Domestic Bliss:) Aaaaaah!!

 I love this pic because the sweet little cabinet on the wall by the toilet used to hold the "necessities" in every shape and size.  It's empty now:) I know!!! I hear you all a clappin!! :)

 I just wish I was a bath kinda gal. I'm not:( I get bored before the bathtub gets full!  

It's Little Bully who gets to enjoy it. Every Sunday:) Well almost every Sunday:)


  1. The most stunning bathroom EVER!!! If that bathroom doesn't get oodles of requests from magazines they are crazy!

    I'd gladly come over and put that tub to use. ;) I grew up having baths in my Granny's clawfoot tub...what I wouldn't give for a dreamy getaway like this! I may never come out of the bathroom. LOL

  2. Really nice!!! I have two words for your 'bored with the tub before it's full' comment: Flat Screen. Ok maybe a few more words: Wall mounted Flat Screen TV.
    And two more words: Door lock. :D

    I LOVE my claw foot tub. I would love it more if my builder had followed our plans and put in the niche at the one end for the flat screen TV *sigh*


  3. Oh, Dorie, it's GORGEOUS!!! You guys really have a gift for this. It would never in a million years have occurred to me to put a mantel back there! It looks so good, and bonus - you were able to camouflage your vents!

  4. SO BEAUTIFUL!! It was fun to see you at Found last week! ;)

  5. Your bathroom is bea-u-ti-ful! I love that your hubby remember sweet salvage. I think I saw you guys there Saturday...wanted to get an autograph but didn't want to alert the paparazzi.

  6. I totally love your fireplace idea. We are remodeling our bathroom as well and would love to do this. Thanks for sharing-great blog by the way-I am a new follower. Cathie

  7. Hi I was just reading your blog via Hooked on Houses...so sorry about the late comments...as to being a non bathtub girl...you don't know what you are missing, The trick is to turn on the tub (use bubbles if you are afraid to look underwater) and then go do a NASTY hated chore, like scrubbing the garbage pail, or cleaning a few toilet, clean up the garage or mopping a floor...back breaking chores work too! The second trick is NOT to forget you turned on the tub, which I can proudly say I have only done twice (bought myself a wet vac) Anyway...get a glass of wine and your favorite magazine or read, a candle if you are a candle kind of girl; now how could you nit enjoy some quiet me-time in that gorgeous bath tub!!!