Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Thanks, I'm in a hurry!...:)

I'm thankful for a lot of things. Red wine, YouTube, and blog tutorials to name a few.  You know, all those things that make life soo much easier:) (I'm not however thankful for my horrible handwriting! Ugh!) Moving right along...
My new obsession? The 5 minute pillow:) You see, I'm a learn by seeing it kind of gal. I mean please, these pillows are by no means difficult, but I just had to see it so I could do it. You gettin me? Anyway, I haven't stopped making them. I make them for my porch furniture out of scraps of whatever I have or I buy remnant pieces of fabric. Because (I swear I have some form of ADD) I get tired easily of the same ole pillows, and then I don't feel so bad if I haven't spent a fortune on the fabric to make them:)

Yeah, they're cute, but they were crying out for something....

So I did what any girl in a pinch would do! Find any fabric flower you have and pin em on!!

Already planning my Christmas pillows. And then Valentine's. And then St. Patrick's Day. And sew on and sew on....


  1. That's a cute idea! Love how they look on those pillows. Your porch is very pretty.

  2. cute Dorie! You need to make some of those little flowers for the shop! LOVE them!

  3. Dorie you are amazing!! Plus I love your chalk board in the top picture and desperately want it...can that be arranged? ;) xo Ashlyn

  4. adorable flowers on the gorgeous pillows!